Seniors should not be robbed of memories


Senior year is the last year of high school, the year before everyone moves on with their lives whether it is going to college or beginning life as an adult. Seniors planned on coming back from spring break to finish out the semester. The spring is where all the big events for seniors occur. 

Unfortunately, it was cut short when the outbreak of COVID-19 happened and began to spread to the point where schools and business had to close. Due to this seniors did not get a prom, senior ditch day, and senior pranks, senior spirit week and potentially graduation.

“I just wanna enjoy the final two months of high school and the coronavirus is making that impossible,” senior Bella Rovetto said. 

I wanted to do all these things and experience senior year to the fullest but that was taken from me and taken from other seniors as well. It is heartbreaking that all these things were taken from seniors and if there is a way to get them back I am all for it.

Plans for graduations are yet to be announced. Currently all proms have been either postponed or canceled. Nick’s Menswears is partnering with businesses Satyr Entertainment and Top Notch Transportation to throw Promchella. 

A prom for juniors and seniors who missed out on theirs. It is said to be a two day festival and is supposed to be similar to the Coachella. The two day event is set to be taking place in July or whenever the quarantine or the order for no large gatherings is lifted.

“This is a great idea to bring people together and give a last dance to juniors and seniors across the state,” student body president Brintley Spencer said.

Many are pushing for these events to happen because they would like to finish out the year strong. Keeping these postponed events would help seniors get back their milestones and enjoy their “last hurrah” before moving on. 

While some may argue that there is no need for these events because they will not be happening anytime soon. Plus, if these events do happen there will still be concerns about COVID-19 which could affect the number of people showing up. The number may be limited due to that.

We are constantly monitoring regulations set by the CDC to make sure that we can have a safe and fun event for all,”  according to Promchellaazs website.

It does not matter when these events take place but as long as they do it gives seniors hope before finishing the school year. Seniors should be able to have the luxury to live their senior year to the fullest.