Social distancing negatively impacting seniors


Senior Amira Johnson. SR

Due to the coronavirus social distancing has been placed for people’s safety. Since social distancing and having to avoid large groups of people. The point of distancing  is to slow COVID-19 from spreading. 

According to President Donald Trump’s coronavirus guidelines for America and recommendations by the (CDC)  you should, “avoid social gatherings in groups of 10 people or more.”

As a result Gov. Doug Ducey closed schools for the rest of the school year and students are now completing the criteria online. Events are getting canceled or postponed and so far it has not been doing much for students except them feeling miserable.

“I was shocked and unprepared for what it was really going to be,” says senior Kaia Jones. 

Students cannot help how they feel but they do understand the concerns and safety of others.

For athletes seasonal spring sports were cut short because of these recent issues. Athletes were not able to complete their final season. 

“I played my last school softball game without even knowing it and boom my school career is over. We never even got to play on our own field,” says senior Elyse Enriquez. 

Many senior athletes were able to ring in the season but lost the chance to go out with a bang before the end of their high school career.

The potential of spreading of COVID-19 caused school events to cancel because of the guidelines. These events include prom for the upper class and graduation for the high school and college graduates. 

This is a very big issue for seniors because it is supposed to be the last year of high school, prom, senior ditch day, senior pranks, yearbook signing, last day of school, and graduation. Although prom and graduation have not been officially canceled but rather postponed. 

This would be seniors last prom to get dressed up and make those memories with their friends before college. If graduation is officially canceled the graduates will still get their diplomas but no ceremony. 

Not being able to say a proper goodbye to friends and classmates. Not having the last assembly watching the senior video which makes the situation devastating. 

Principal Dan Serrano and the administration have been very encouraging and have shown that they care about Class of 2020. The administration has taken the initiative to show love to the seniors by posting pictures of the students on the social media platforms. Seniors have been very appreciative of them wanting to fight for the senior class. 

However, having this break has given people the chance to spend more time with their family. 

People have said “stop overreacting” or “is it not a big deal” but for starters they most likely graduated so they cannot really say anything. 

At the start of senior year you cannot wait to graduate and to have a ceremony. Hearing your name being called, walking across the stage, receiving your diploma as your friends and family cheer you on. The feeling of knowing that you worked hard to accomplish something. I did it!

No senior knew it was their last day of being on campus and for others the last day of the school year.