Best Binge worthy show

I have prepared a list of shows that would be worth spending 8 hours on the couch instead of hanging out with friends.


Action: The Flash

Now if you have watched the Flash then you know why I have put it on the list. In my opinion, it is the best CW network show that you can watch on Netflix,  it’s agreeable that it is the most action-packed as well as the best superhero to air on any network. There are four seasons available on Netflix with season five currently being aired on the CW. The show starts off with seeing a little boy waking up to loud noises going on downstairs. He finds two balls of lightning fighting around the kids’ mom then, in a flash he is outside miles away from his house. The boy later becomes  23 years old Forensic Assistant for the Central City Police Department, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). Allen gets struck by lightning from the “Particle Accelerator” that was made by Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) assisting him was Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes), and Katlyn Snow (Danielle Panabaker). That turned Allen into the “flash”. Throughout the season Team Flash fight other “Metahumans” (people who were given superhuman powers by the particle accelerator). You see the Flash run faster than the speed of sound breaking the sound barrier, fighting people who can control the weather, someone who can become a form of gas. The Flash is very action packed and knee slapper of a show that will get you hooked instantly!


Old School: The Office


The Office is one of those shows where you watch it once and you look around wondering, why, why did I laugh my lungs out of my body? The Office stars comical actors and actresses like Steve Carell (Michael Scott), Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly) and, Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute). The show is about life at an office, well what we can imagine what is like, but with a twist on it, Michael is not the smartest guy ever, he makes a lot of funny one-liners that will make you laugh so hard that it will take about a decade to recover from. The best thing about The Office beside the humor and enjoyment of watching the show, is the constant breaking of the fourth wall, anytime you hear Michael break the fourth wall you know something will be hysterical. Would I recommend this show to binge? Yes! If you haven’t watched the office then you are missing out, with all the funny quotes you hear from the show, if you are having a bad day, then the office will help turn that frown upside down!


Documentary: Conversations with a killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Although it is hard to explain why you should watch this show, the real question is why wouldn’t you watch it? The new show on Netflix’s Conversations with a killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes came out on Jan. 24, 2019. Ted Bundy was born and grew up in Burlington, VT. As a child Bundy wasn’t always there, he was known as the weird kid, Bundy was in boy scouts and cub scouts and was an adventures child. Bundy went to college at the Univ. of Washington where he wanted to become a lawyer. When you look at him, He doesn’t have the stereotypical vibe (if there is such a thing) of a murderer or serial killer. While watching the show you are constantly on your feet always looking around and thinking “he couldn’t do this” feeling so bad for him but at the same time you grow this hatred inside. The show makes you look at the people you think you know and wonder “is there a dark side?” If you like action packed, crime related shows, or mysteries, then this is the show for you. There are five episodes, an hour long.


Comedy: Master of None


There are multiple programs that I could write about for comedy, but the Master of None is a very unique show. It’s hysterical, addicting and, binge-worthy. The show stars Aziz Ansari who also plays Tom Haverford in NBC’s Parks and Recreation. The show has multiple moments where you start laughing, but you physically can’t. The show goes through Dev’s (Aziz Ansari) life, trying to find love, but can not find his grove. Throughout the first season, Dev’s one-liners make you want to roll over and think why does my stomach hurt. As a comedy, the show is a perfect fit if you are having a bad day, and you want to cheer up. The diversity of the show is what the show the best. The show has 10 episodes in the first season. If  I can not convince you maybe the countless awards can, Master of None has won three Emmy awards and a Golden Globe.