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Point/Counterpoint: Is Christmas too early?

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Point/Counterpoint: Is Christmas too early?





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What happens when you have too much of the same dessert? Yeah, you get fat and, eventually, extremely sick of it. It is the same for Christmas, as much as we all love this holiday, starting it in November is too early. Christmas is a month, not a quarter of the year.


 December is the month of Christmas, it is one special day that is surrounded by a month of festivities.

So why is it that in November we happen to completely disregard Thanksgiving, and get ahead of ourselves with all these Christmas decorations?

Holidays have their months, and they should remain in this time phrase. Christmas especially is over-celebrated, and the importance and joy of  it is being buried.


To start off, we are too immersed into wanting an excessive amount of what we can not have. Thanksgiving is steamed-rolled completely by Christmas, and it is important to remember and celebrate the true meaning of both holidays. Stores and businesses are the biggest at fault when it comes to early celebrations. Christmas has become way over-marketed. In the beginning of November around the city, decorations appear and an television spews out an excessive amount of commercials and Christmas movies (which are all the same)!


There are some people who think the Christmas seasons should not start so early, “After November is too early, I feel like it takes away from the actual day,” senior Angelina Owensby explains. By starting the celebration a month in advance, the holiday excitement fizzles out by the time Christmas rolls around. After watching the same movies and listening to the same songs on repeat every year leading up to the day, when does it get too much? This routine has to be a broken record.


A lot of people argue that Christmas is the best holiday in the entire year, so they claim that we should bring the joy out of it early. However, Christmas decor in November or even late October is just too much of a jump start. Not to mention that Hobby Lobby begins to prepare for Christmas in July!

Saving something special for a limited period of time makes it more precious and sacred, but the anticipation built up from waiting and then on the day to free your joy, makes the day exhilarating and enjoyable for everyone.  

Christmas will forever be a loved holiday, but it diminishes the magic of the season if we force it to drag on or start celebrating it too early.

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Point/Counterpoint: Is Christmas too early?