TikTok takes over Social Media


The well known social media app TikTok or known as Douyin in China is a blowing up out of waters with over 7 million downloads on google play and over 500 million users worldwide and 300 million users on Douyin according to expandedramblings.com. The popular app Musical.ly was bought by the Chinese company Jinri Toutiao for over one billion dollars according to nytimes.com.

The popular app is used by mostly teenagers and it lets you take a few minute long videos of you lip-syncing to a song; like Musical.ly there are teenagers who get famous for something like lip syncing.

I really believe that apps like TikTok need to realize that it takes no talent at all to move your lips and dance to a song, and the fact that people can get paid for it makes the app look less interesting and entertaining.

I do understand why people would want to roll the dice and try to become a popular “TikToker,” or ‘Muser” but the reality is that it probably will not happen.

There are those users who use TikTok to have fun and embarrass themselves on the internet, and those that are cool and just having fun.

Over the years lip syncing apps have gain popularity and notice; with it’s gaining popularity many of today’s social media influencers have become relevant through apps like TikTok and Musical.ly. The influencers mainly started off as normal teens having fun while making a fool out of themselves but then they soon move on to other things while still making small lip syncing videos on the side. Many of the influencers used their fame for other social media such as the highly popular social media platform YouTube; for instance, the influencer Loren Gray still makes some videos for the app but mainly focus on making YouTube videos on lifestyle and beauty related topics. Another thing that many influencers do is brand deals and sponsored post and or videos to help promote the brand; however, some influencers can lie and tell their viewers they love the product when it the exact opposite. Apps like TikTok and Musical.ly give popularity to regular teens and give them the power to influence thousands to millions of the millennial generation. Having the power to influence can be a blessing or a curse but it really depends on the person and how they handle their newfound fame. Many of the influencers have drama or old baggage from the past brought up and it blows up over social media because of their social status. With apps like TikTok around it gives people fame for having no real talent. Like some of the popular lip syncing artist have grown larger than musical.ly, some of them went off to become famous YouTubers or, music artist.

After the painful hours of watching “TikTok Compilation” on Youtube, I have come to a conclusion that it is a waste of time and the app should be not as popular as it is, but if you enjoy it, then my opinion should not stop what makes you happy.