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An Evolving School


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With more people attending our school, which was originally built for 2,800 students, enrollment is increasing each year and we are in need for more room.

Perry High School has planned to have by the beginning of next school year a new building with 24 classrooms for the new incoming students.This addition to our campus is very much needed. Expanding and updating is a major influence to attracting new students to our school.This year the freshman class alone has more than 1,000 students. The hallways have gotten more and more crowded over the years, resembling more L.A. rush hour on the I-10. This new building will be a big step for us as a school and can really help out with the overcrowding of students. With less students in a class, teachers will be able to offer more help.This gives the students the needed attention to help  improve their academics.

Around campus students have been hearing about the news, and are excited about the new building, “I think this new building will be good, it will open up the school more,” said junior Sue Kwon. These new classrooms will provide more room and a good,clean new environment for the students and the teachers to excel. Junior Maggie Feng said, “I have like 30 people in my English class, I think it’s definitely gonna help reduce the amount of people having to be in a classroom.” Being in a overcrowded classroom can create a stressful environment for not only the students but also the teachers.With a large amount of student it’s easy for the class to get loud and off task, but it’s even harder to get them back on track. So having this building can help alleviate that issue.

With these new add-ons, changes are expected. Some teachers who do not normally have one classroom and travel around the school will finally have a classroom of their own. Which is a huge benefit and will help with the stress of not having to drag around their carts in-between class periods. I’m excited to see the growth and improvement of our school and expect the hassle of construction over the next year will be worth it in the long run.

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The student voice of Perry High School
An Evolving School