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Travel causes conflict on student participation at championship game

Pumas against Wolves on Dec. 2

Photo by Morgan Chung

Pumas against Wolves on Dec. 2


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Having made it to the State Championships against our dear neighbors at Chandler High School, Perry has it’s potential to be state champions, which our team has not pulled off before. The championship game is only days away, it is scheduled for Dec.  2nd, this Saturday at 7:00 pm.

The conflict being that it will be held at the University of Arizona stadium, and if you are familiar with the location, yes, that is in Tucson.

Football being the beloved american sport it is, and the stakes being high, of course the hype for this game is incredible. Yet there are some things keeping students  from experiencing this piece of Phs history and that’s the travel.

Let’s face it, most high school antsy teens are lazy, of course you can argue, but the bottom line is some students find it inconvenient to travel over approximately 90 miles for a scholastic event, or possibly more on a bus ride full of students

Sophomore Felice Ramos stated “Since my parents don’t really have an interest in going, I have to like make sure I’m with people they know, and trust me to be with so far away”. Ramos points out that the students taking advantage of the school provided busses possibly have parents who are not attending the game and will have to take precaution with their son/daughter.

Apart from the hour and 40 minute drive to the sporting event, by offering free of charge busses and limitedly offered tickets, the school have insured that a good number of students will be filling in those stadium risers. Not to mention the fact that other distant schools such as in Tucson have to travel greatly or games and events as well, so why should we expect anything else.

Perry has a devoted and very invested community, and much support on and off campus, however the handful of students willing to go the distance is a challenge, even if it is the state championships. Being that we as a school have never won a state title in Football could be the main reason on why students and parents will be their supporting the Puma nation.

There is the potential that as years go on and it becomes a “been there, done that” moment, more students will lose interest in such events. Regardless, whatever the outcome of the game, Perry will here with open arms to welcome the returning team and student supporters.

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Travel causes conflict on student participation at championship game