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Dreamers in despair

DACA recipients rights in jeopardy

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Protest against the removal of DACA in New York City on Sept. 26 2017


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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has been especially prominent in the media’s eye as of late. In June 2012, the Obama administration founded this immigration policy, which prevents immigrants brought to the country as minors from being deported.

With nearly 800 thousand unauthorized immigrants — over 27 thousand of whom are in Arizona — of course there would be backlash when the program all together is in jeopardy.

Recently, President Donald Trump put DACA in Congress’s hands to offer changes. Yes, on paper that sounds potentially beneficial for DACA recipients, however, the ignorance he carries himself with, and the way he publicizes his actions in a hard-to-comprehend manner (it is hard to know where Trump is going with anything lately), is why diverse groups are riled up about the DACA dilemma. Trump may have been getting Congress to do their job, but by him threatening to wind down DACA and affect countless lives,is surely not the right way to handle this situation.

As far as scholastics are concerned, if DACA is taken down altogether, the unauthorized students’ education would be taken out of Principal Serano’s hands and into the hands of the school district.

Senior Demian Guillen is a DACA recipient and receives the privilege of staying in the U.S as a resident. He is able to have benefits such as working and studying in this country, for two years at a time, after which he must renew his permit, which is not free. “It’s a pretty penny, it’s around maybe $300 dollars just to apply, and then the wait.”

DACA affects students at our own school and it is a shame to hear that students, and even staff members, have never heard of the program — especially in a state so affected by the legislation. Generally speaking, Perry is quite accepting, yet it does lack diversity. No matter how accepting the environment, fighting against the system is still a battle ground.

“I would love to think that kids should, you know, investigate into this whole ordeal, but the reality is that they’re not,” Guillen said. “It’s a lot of money and that’s a lot of people that [Donald Trump] is just letting go and that’s not a very smart move for an apparent businessman per say.” Specifically employers will lose roughly $6.3 billion dollars if they are forced to fire all DACA members.

Despite stereotypes, DACA recipients are not only Mexican-Americans, about 78% of DACA participants arrive from all Latin American regions.

These are the people that are shaping our society and making the path to this country’s greatness, and the protection of DACA recipients human rights should be recognized. The act to support a new and improved program instead of repealing the act all together will be a crucial statement on our political leaders humanity.

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Dreamers in despair