Senioritis takes final toll in the last weeks of school


Every spring season the same illness spreads throughout the graduating class like rapid fire. The symptoms of this illness can be caught early on around the fall, however this disease has no treatable options, and only seems to drastically get worse as the school year goes on. Teachers dread the sounds of this illness as it leads to laziness, tardiness, and a difficult attitude to work with. Although, teachers seem to catch a bit of this illness with a lack of lesson plans and movies days, however no student shows opposition against these days.

For all of the youthful underclassman this epidemic of an illness is known as senioritis. Senioritis may come off like a joke or just another excuse for seniors to slack off in school and overall it is a joke. But the joke easily manipulates into a way of thinking. Out of the few things I have learned and remembered this year, the term self-fulfilling prophecy from psychology has stuck with me. It means the more one tell themselves or believes something is true the more likelihood it will actually come true. The more seniors that tell themselves they have senioritis, the more likely it will come true. Seniors who are constantly being told, “you’re almost done,” eventually seem to leave out the “almost” part.

With senioritis comes a direct correlation of procrastination. Yet, procrastination is not exclusive to senioritis as majority of people experience a level of procrastination throughout their life. Catching the illness of senioritis however will push procrastination to the most extreme with making one’s teachers and editors want to pull their hair out. Seniors can procrastinate from the simplest items from turning in your books for the senior checklist to the more complicated items as senior projects to future college checklists and deadlines.

To everyone’s shock, I am even guilty of this illness followed with procrastination. As I have procrastinated for over two weeks to write my last piece for the newspaper and officially end Kendall’s Korner. My parents will tell me my procrastination is psychological and that deep down I know writing this last article will fully mean I am moving on and graduating. But, I truly know that I procrastinated this last issue because I am lazy. Lazy, just like all of the other seniors struggling to finish off this school year with some amount of energy.

Upcoming seniors will complain they have already caught senioritis and have zero motivation, but in the words of a great Vine, “honey you’ve got a big storm coming.” As graduation comes closer for the seniors, the cycle of freshman to senior will repeat. With seniors only graduating to become freshman and go through seniorits once again in the upcoming four years.