What’s wrong with the student section


Elbows bumping, heads glistening with sweat, shouts of encouragement, and sighs of frustration. The Pumas score a touchdown and the crowd goes wild, the loudest of all being the eager section packed wall-to-wall with students of all classes. The student section, though very spirited and lively, has recently become a breeding ground for many issues, and there looks to be no end in sight.

There has always been an unofficial rule that at football games the upperclassmen get the front of the bleachers, and the underclassmen occupy the back only. However, many freshmen and sophomores are reluctant to accept this rule, causing tension in the stands.

Social media reveals a passionate battle over this rule, underclassmen arguing that age and grade should have nothing to do with whom sits where. Upperclassmen, however, argue that by attending Perry the longest, they earned the front, and everyone will get their time up there in the end.  I understand that the upperclassmen should exercise their right to seniority, but there is no use in getting anxiety over a group of freshman congregating in the first row.

The problems with the student section, however, involves more than just the inhabitants of the metal bleachers. The throwing of flour used to be a hit in the stands, the powder swelling in the air to create a captivating burst of white.

Students generally enjoyed the flour raining down and the great pictures it inspired, but the school did not. Outside food is banned from the game, and apparently, the administration decided that includes flour as well.

The powder was harmless and used in good fun, and there was no point in banning it. Many students are angry about this, inspiring more frustration and disrupt at the games. Stripping the students of harmless objects will only deepen their restlessness and desire to rebel.

As if that weren’t enough drama for a few sets of bleachers, fights have also broken out at the games. The first game of the year, right out of the gate, a pair of freshman boys were willing to fight over the matter of one’s water bottle hitting the other.

When multitudes of high school students are packed into one area, there is bound to be trouble. But the fighting needs to be left at home. Who knows, if it doesn’t stop, security may start heavily patrolling the bleachers, and how fun would that be?

The student section has always been a place that Pumas can go to express their pride for the team. Whether it be black out or jersey-themed, students of all classes are quick to jump on board, the crowd a moving sea of spirited clothing.
It should not matter whether or not a freshman is sitting upfront or a water bottle hits you accidentally; the purpose of the bleachers are to root for the team and show school pride. If you’re there to do anything else, you may as well leave.