Teens feel pressure from siblings in school


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Younger siblings typically feel like they have to measure up to their older siblings. Especially when it comes to graduating high school.

Some teens feel like they have to have a better GPA, better extracurricular activities, and better acceptance letters.

When it comes to my family, the pressure is almost nonexistent. My older brother graduated a year before I even entered high school. Though many of my friends have a mindset where everything between them and their siblings is a constant competition.

I feel like sibling rivalries should be kept at home; there is no need for older siblings to feel superior to the younger ones just because they are graduating first. Most seniors carry this attitude towards their frosh brother or sister and think that because they are going to college now that everything is going to be ten times better for them.

This is not always true. Sure, we are now headed off to college and things may get better from here. However, three years from now when our baby brothers and sisters are at their graduations, they could be headed in an even better direction than we are. This could be the product of our condescending bullying that they pushed to rise above everyone’s standards and never look at us the same again.

My older brother made a big deal of how he was going to be a big time surgeon and make millions of dollars a year. I resented the fact that he was so much better than I was, and how he told me theater was a waste of time and money. Now he is a energy salesman for the third company because he gave up on the college concept, and I’m off to a prestigious film school where I could potentially get hired by Hollywood producers the minute I graduate college.

My brother is doing great at what he does, however, our relationship has changed since he graduated. I hardly talk to him, and now we will be farther apart than ever.

The pressure of beating your siblings at life will only cause a loss of communication. Even though there was no pressure between my brother and I, the need to be better got the best of us. Every kid has the opportunity to do great things. If you live in a household with multiple kids just remember to push each other up. We all have our own talents, and we can all do great things in our own ways.

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