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New Chandler Schools Opening

New Chandler Schools Opening

Jalyn Knight, Staff Reporter

September 25, 2019

Due to a fiercely growing student population in CUSD, district officials have decided to resolve this issue by spending $25 million for two brand new schools. The decision to build a brand new elementary school was made just a few weeks prior when the district purchased 14.5 acres of land. The lo...

StuGo advisor, admin suspend spirit days for the remainder of year

Kenna Cassey, Staff reporter

May 20, 2019

Spirit days have been put on a hiatus by StuGo advisor Lerina Johnson and administration as a result of the MAGA controversy that occurred during the American-themed day on Mar 1. StuGo was asked to suspend spirit days for the remainder of the school year by administration so as not to have an like this ...

13 reasons why not to watch ’13 Reasons Why’

Mia Irvin, Opinions Editor

May 23, 2017

  On Mar. 31, 2017, Netflix released a show called 13 Reasons Why based off the novel by Jay Asher. The show detailed the life of a teenage girl named Hannah Baker who was driven to suicide after a year of being harassed verbally, sexually, and physically. Before she dies however, Baker takes ...

Final Moments: creation of the 2016 senior slideshow

The class of 2016 will graduate on May 24 in John Wrenn Stadium.

Izzy Rozansky, Staff Reporter

April 27, 2016

Senior year, just the mention of it triggers strong emotion. The last year of high school,last year at the place where most began their high school careers. A great way to capture memories is through pictures, and most teenagers nowadays do just that. In order to commemorate the memories of this ye...

Goals, Expectations, Reality

Goals, Expectations, Reality

Kendall MacGregor, Staff Reporter

February 2, 2016

“Goals, goals, goals,” if I hear mention of this word one more time I might slam my head through a wall. The expectations of high school relationships have skyrocketed through the roof into a land of fantasy. Many teenagers now expect the world and more from their significant others. Social ...

Talented Pumas wrap up a record-breaking season

Senior shortstop Jeremy McCuin turns a double play against Basha on April 23. The Pumas beat the Bears at Salt River Field, 5-0 and earned a No. 7 seed in the division-I playoffs.

Ryan Zolin, Staff Reporter

May 19, 2015

In what many people considered the most talented team in school history, the baseball team finished a record-breaking 2015 campaign on a sour note. The Pumas (20-8, 13-5) were able to host their first-ever playoff game after winning a school-best 20 regular season games and earning a first round bye...

An outlook on football’s season

Football team takes field for homecoming game against Gila Ridge

Ryan Zolin, Staff Reports

September 25, 2014

Football’s season has had many standout players to watch. According to assistant coach Nathan Harder, “[The defense’s] improvement has been [mainly] technique-wise.” Perry’s defense has only allowed 57 points this season, second in D1 behind Hamilton who has given up 48 points. Senior...

Young hockey team looks to improve

Hockey team takes ice for practice

Ryan Zolin, Staff Reporter

September 25, 2014

The Perry-Basha hockey team is determined to do well this season after an upsetting season last year. The team finished 8-12 last season with only 16 points total. They look to overcome that and get into the playoffs this season. Perry’s Brendan Andrews who is playing right wing this year predicts...

Boys golf battles fluke injury

Devlin Clark, Staff Reporter

September 23, 2014

The boys have had a great season so far with several top finishes from Brad Pottle, Brady Hatten, and Mike Finnegan. Brady Hatten sustained an injury to his right shoulder during a match against Mountain Pointe and Basha. Hatten explained that his “[injury] had no effect on the outcome of the match b...

Teens feel pressure from siblings in school

Lani Dekker, Features Editor

May 22, 2013

Younger siblings typically feel like they have to measure up to their older siblings. Especially when it comes to graduating high school. Some teens feel like they have to have a better GPA, better extracurricular activities, and better acceptance letters. When it comes to my family, the pressure is almost ...

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