Marvel is Better Than DC


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A space alien who is allergic to a green rock? A grown man who dresses up in a bat suit? A woman in an invisible airplane?
You’ve got to be kidding me!

Since Hollywood started producing feature films from the pages of comic books, comic fanatics have debated over which superheroes are best: Marvel or DC Comics?

The answer is simple: Marvel Comics are best because their characters are much more meaningful than the average Superman.

The fact is that teens feel like they can relate to Marvel characters. They’re relatable. They’re outcasts from society – people who were bullied but persevered and are still willing to save even their worst enemies.

Marvel has more characters, more stories, and more powers. Iron Man, for example, is a favorite among young men. Everyone knows Iron Man as a stubborn genius who always gets what he wants even if he has to make it himself. His brain power made him the human robot, literally.

My favorite Marvel character is Captain America. In fact, the first Captain America comic came out in 1941 with an image of him punching Adolf Hitler in the face; the comic served as propaganda for the U.S. effort in World War ll and was about an  inspiring young man wanting to fight for his country, just like millions of Americans during that period in history.

Batman was a rich kid who fought clowns.

People enjoy other characters such as the Hulk because he smashes things and he’s a comic relief in The Avengers movie. Hulk is like Iron Man on getting what he wants and the use of brain power (they are both skilled in their respective sciences), but they do not quite like each other.

It is not secret that girls find Thor the best of them all because he’s a God. Not many marvel characters are Gods except for his evil brother Loki. Loki makes people laugh at the way he acts and because he is jealous of Thor.
Now, when you think of Marvel you first think of Spiderman and The Avengers, but people do not realize that another Marvel story is X-Men. The X-Men may not have the most attractive characters, but they are incredibly unique, and also serve as symbols for the fight during the Cold War.

The Fantastic Four also has their own special characters, such as Johnny Torch: who is an extremely “hot” guy (because of his talent and, um, looks).

Every hero must have a villain. Captain America’s arch-rival is Red Skull, Hulk’s villain is the Abomination, and Spider-Man has Green Goblin and many more. The villains in Marvel are better because each character has different villains and they are all from different varieties.

Marvel is so much better than DC because of all their amazing characters and in 2009, Disney bought the company, not DC!

Disney, one of the most powerful companies in the world had a choice, and they bought Marvel. If that does not prove which comic is better, what will?

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