Newsworthy Animals

Almost everyone will stop scrolling for a cute animal photo. Since the dawn of the internet, cute animal videos have been playing an active role in the online community, popping up on just about everyone’s feed. And lately, animal stories have been all over the news. 

Now there could be several reasons why this is the case. Since quarantine, many people have turned to pets as a source of comfort and companionship. Many couples have adopted pets into their home treating them like the children that they do not have (or do not want). Everyone loves their pets. Animals have always been able to make people smile, and people need to smile now more than ever. 

A scroll through any news channel will cause someone to feel worse off than they started. There will always be conflicts, issues, world problems that never stop coming. None of them never seem to be solved; they just keep compounding. News fatigue is real, and it is not pulling any punches. However, many news outlets have been covering more and more animal stories. Here are some of the stories that will bring a smile to your face or peak your interest in these furry friends. 

San Diego Zoo penguin fitted with orthopedic footwear

An African penguin Lucas has a chronic condition called bumblefoot. The San Diego Zoo fitted Lucas with orthopedic footwear to deal with his condition. An organization called Thera-Paw who provide assistive care for animals in need. The three-year problem now has a solution. 

Panda twins are born in China as the species struggles for survival” 

Giant female and male panda cubs were born on Tuesday, Sept. 29 at the Qinling Panda Research Center. They are the second set of twins born to their mother Qin Qin. Chinese veterinarians have been advocating for support of these animals during the midst of climate change and habitat loss. 

Monkey business behind 911 call from California zoo

A little Capuchin monkey named Route called 911 from a phone within a California zoo. After the call was disconnected, deputies were sent to investigate. Route had dialed the call from a cellphone in a golf cart. Capuchin monkeys are known to be curious creatures, willing to start pressing buttons. 

Humpback Whales Pass Their Songs Across Oceans

It appears that humpback whales have also evolved to share what they have to say. Unlike humans, humpback whales communicate without the use of the internet or satellites. Humpback songs spread from one population to the others quickly and easily. 

Harry and Meghan Adopt a Mistreated Beagle Mom” 

Momma Mia, a beagle, was adopted by Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry. They got the dog from a breeding facility found to be in safety violations. The couple wanted to help the dog that they felt needed it the most, since the majority of people tend to drift towards puppies. 

At times, there may be mass amounts of problems that seem as if the world is on the verge of imploding. But do not forget that there are furry friends out there who you can always count on. Go take your dog for a walk and pet your cat!