Blue bloods at prom

Prom royalty of 2022


Lerina Johnson

The senior class royalty are Brooke Lassen and Brooks Peterson. Junior class royalty are Soren Snideman and Samantha Hoefer

As many students have discovered, prom can take a lot of planning and preparation. There are dresses and suits to coordinate, hair to be fixed, nails to be painted, jewelry to be matched, shoes to find, and corsages to be bought. However, one of the fun parts of prom is the prom royalty. Here are the junior class prom royalty nominees: Corbin Hatch and Dusti Ellsworth, Christopher Woodruff and Weston Webb, and Soren Snideman and Samantha Hoefer. The senior class nominees are Ty Nelson and Ashley Day, Grace Graham and Michael Morse, Brooke Lassen and Brooks Peterson, and Jayce Carder and Azure Everett.
For most couples, this prospect is exciting. “It makes me happy for my relationship, to be able to say, ‘My highschool boyfriend and I were prom king and queen nominees,” said Graham. Her boyfriend Morse said, “I try to live when it comes to high school to do stuff that you can’t do again. People will be like, ‘Oh this stuff is lame,’ but you can’t go back, so you might as well do it all.” Carder said, “I feel good about being nominated. I hope I win.”
Whether or not they win, the nominees are excited to have this opportunity. “I guess I’ll be just excited over the fact that people voted for me out of the entire senior class of 900 people,” said Graham.
Overall, they are excited for prom. “I feel like STUGO has done a really good job; they’ve been talking about it a lot. The fact that we got this far is really exciting,” said Graham. “It’ll be a good experience,” said Morse.
The winners of prom royalty, announced at prom for the junior class are Soren Snideman and Samantha Hoefer. The senior class royalty are Brooke Lassen and Brooks Peterson.