Seniors display their art for fine arts seal

At the beginning of the year, it was announced that a fine art seal would be available for seniors. To receive the seal, they have to finish their capstone project, which is just a collection of art pieces that students have worked on throughout the year. This collection of pieces was showcased last Tuesday, Mar. 9 at the Orchestra concert. 

Meghan McGowan: What made you decide to get your fine arts seal? 

Kaylee Blech: “No particular reason. It’s just something that means a lot to me. Art is kinda my thing, so I just wanted to do it because I spend that much time doing art anyways. Why not have it displayed?”

Kaitlyn Haney: “I have done fine arts for the past three years, and I wanted to have something special on my diploma that represented that.”

Linnea Mangan: “When Ms.D introduced it, I thought it would just be a nice thing to have on my diploma, especially if you are going into something with art like I am.” 

Juliana Tober: “I thought that it would be cool to have on my diploma.”

Summer Tek: “Art has always been my main passion. I have always liked it. I got serious about it in 7th grade, and it’s how I express myself.”

MM: What projects are you putting in the showcase? 

KB: “I have different projects that I am displaying that I have done over the years including water colors and digital ones.” 

KH: “I am presenting some of my sustain investigation. My sustained investigation involves animals with my personal traits and some of my past pressures that I have dealt with.” 

LM: “All the projects that I have done this year. It’s art that I know that I have improved on and has completely changed because I took a year off of art, and I came back this year and continued it, and it’s improved.” 

JT: “Mine are a lot of projects that I have done here with Ms. D. The reason I am putting those up is because I can tell my art has improved since I started doing her class, so I think those projects are the best work that I have right now.”

ST: “I have digital and traditional portrait paintings.” 

MM: What is your favorite piece, and why? 

KB:“It’s probably the one I painted of my grandma. [It’s] a painting of her painting because she is the one who influenced my art the most in my life, and it was really cool to be able to make art out of that and show it off to people.”

KH: “My wood burning: it is a wolf. It took me quite a bit, and it’s really cool.”
LM: “It is hard to choose between them. They are all some of my favorite pieces that I have done.”
JT: “I like all of mine. They all have a specific thing that spoke to me. I think the one that has to appeal to people more is my fabric study because it looks so realistic, and people can really see my skill in that.” 

ST: “It is one that I did of a plus-size model that was photoshopped to take away her folds, but I undid them and put a lot of abstract colors in them, and I really liked how it turned out.”  

All five seniors that participated in the show will receive their seal. Art teacher Lorena DeCristofaro, who put the show together and helped the students along the way, said, “I am very proud they did a really good job. They stumbled upon some hurdles and some mental blocks, but they all followed through and did a really good job.”