Ending the year with a Perrytale prom



A screenshot from STUGO’s prom announcement video that came out Mar. 4. Prom will be held May 7 and will be Perrytales themed.

Prom is happening for the first time in two years due to COVID, and the theme was announced Friday, Mar. 4 on STUGO’s Instagram. STUGO created a video announcing the theme would be Perrytales endings (Fairytale themed). 

The Instagram video starts with an opening credit similar to Disney’s with the fireworks and a castle. The video changes into a car driving up to a house that looks like a castle, senior Abby Carraro gets out of the car and goes into the house where she meets her prince. They then run and dance around the castle together eventually leaving and driving to Perry. The whole video sets the fairytale vibe, so by the end when the theme was officially announced, people could get a glimpse of what the theme would be like . 

Despite all the details about prom coming out to the student body now, current junior STUGO members have been working on the event since last year. “We have worked on it for the past year. We have already been to the venue, we contacted the person that plans the events there, and [we] started on spirit week and assembly,” said junior class president Elle Boyd.  

When coming up with a theme, STUGO bases the theme on something completely different than the previous year. “We were thinking of ideas. When it got canceled, it was Hollywood and then last year it was Ocean 11, so every year we kinda switch between an action to more of an elegant theme, so this year is more elegant. So we thought of a fairytale” said junior class vice president Maddie Balbarinn. STUGO supervisor Lerina Johnson said that theme also is based on what has happened over the past year. “The theme of Perrytale endings encompass everything for these kids that haven’t had several dances due to COVID. They haven’t had indoor assemblies; they haven’t had anything normal, so [it was a chance] to have one final event for them to have a final event and make it a memorable and fun event,” said Johnson. 

Even though most of the planning for prom is done, leading up to the last few months, they still have a number of things to do. “A lot of our planning is done. We just have to do everything,” said Boyd. This time is also when Johnson helps out, even though she does not do much with the planning. “I help give them a budget. I really believe that student government is student run. They give ideas, and I just help guide them to make them reality” said Johnson. 

Prom is going to be held on May 7 at Corona Ranch. “I am excited for it. It’s going to be a really cool event. Prom is always the event that upperclassmen look forward to, so I am excited for that so I think it will look really good with all the ideas we have” said Balbarinn. But also with the excitement there is also pressure involving not having a prom in two years. “I am a little nervous because we haven’t had a prom in two years, so it’s a lot of pressure, but I think it will go well,” said Boyd. 

Caption: A screenshot from STUGO’s prom announcement video that came out Mar. 4. Prom will be held May 7 and will be Perrytales themed.