Serrano’s gym dedication leaves legacy

Dan Serrano opened the school as the principal in 2007. He dealt with everything from bats, a pandemic, and everyday work with students, parents, and faculty. To honor his 14 years of work, the gym was dedicated to him this past Friday, Jan. 7th. 

Current principal Heather Patterson was Serrano’s vice principal, and after working with Serrano over the past 14 years, she has seen him grow into this honor. “He is very student centered. In everything that he did, he thought, ‘how is this going to affect the students on some level?’ and as an educator, that’s what we all strive to do…” said Patterson. 

As current principal, Patterson had a legacy to continue from Serrano that she plans to uphold. 

Serrano left his legacy at the school of putting students first, current principal Patterson plans to do. “Continuing to put students first, that was something that Mr.Serrano had asked me. He and I shared that, putting students first, so I will continue with that philosophy,” said Patterson. 

Serrano believed in putting the students before anything else, this reputation made him deserving of the honor in students’ minds. “I think it is really cool, seeing how much he did with the school, and how he was here when it opened…” said junior Ben Egbo. Egbo also thinks having the gym named after Serrano will help people ask questions to remember Serrano. “I think people will ask questions about it, and people will be able to just remember who he was, and what type of person he was to the school,” said Egbo. 

At the event on Friday, Serrano gave a speech thanking the school board for giving him the honor and friends and family who helped him along the way. He was very grateful to receive such an honor. “It’s a nice reward; it’s like, I was lucky, I had good timing, good school, good people, I am proud,” said Serrano. 

The gym dedication will ensure that Serrano’s will always be remembered. “Part of his legacy will always live on at Perry High School. Pride, Progress, Purpose, is something he really believes in,” said Patterson. Serrano also believes that Pattersons will help continue on with his legacy. “Well, I am sure Mrs.Patterson will continue with that legacy and continue the things that we started here. I know she will,” said Serrano. 

Even without the gym dedication, Serrano’s will always be remembered. Students, faculty, and parents will talk about the impact he made on them and the school. Having the gym named after Serrano just makes it easier for people to remember him, and what he did for the school.