STUGO kicks off Spirit Week with new themes


Meghan McGowan

Spirit week will run Monday through Friday.

After STUGO announced the themes last week, spirit week started on Monday. Spirit week will run from Nov. 15 to Nov. 19 leading up to the Winter assembly on Friday morning.

Monday will start with the increasingly popular “Adam Sandler Day”. Students are encouraged to mimic the actor’s iconic street style or an outfit from one of his many movies. This mostly includes baggy shorts and oversized t-shirts.

On Tuesday the theme will be “Country vs Country Club” where students can participate with either country-western wear or preppy athletic wear. Expect to see everything from cowboy boots and hats to tennis skirts, sweaters, and polos.

“Mini Me Day” will take place on Wednesday, the theme asks students to dress as the younger version of themselves. This theme will likely inspire bright colors, exciting fabrics and styles, and fun hairstyles.

Thursday brings the TikTok famous “Anything But a Backpack” theme to campus. This means students can bring their supplies and books in anything they want besides their backpacks. Online, this trendy theme has included everything from strollers to wagons to even a washing machine at Basha High School.

The week will finish up with the classic “Pajama Day” on Friday. This is the perfect time to bust out fun and cozy Christmas pajamas. Administrators have been emphasizing maintaining dress code which means substantial shoes and appropriate tops and bottoms.

From “Waterboy” to “High School Musical 2” and everything in between, next week should show a wide variety of creativity and enthusiasm from the student body.