A lack of preparation coming out of high school and into adult years.


Just like the Class of 2022, many past graduates have felt uncertainty when thinking about their future. Now, this year’s class is reminiscing over what they lack preparation in.

Thousands of high school students graduate every year, but not all feel fully prepared to face adult life. And with not being prepared comes doubt in what one wants to do with their future. Some may ask themselves at any point in their lives: Money over happiness or happiness over money? Becoming my dream job of a teacher or going to law school so I can buy the biggest house in the neighborhood?

“I would say I am most nervous about getting involved in a career that I enjoy while also being able to do something that will allow me to be financially stable and be able to make a good living,” said senior Annie Morrill.

From freshman through senior year, although students get to choose their classes, the variety of classes to take is not up to the standards of what happens in the real world. Seniors are stressing about college, testing, and their future careers. And eventually buying a house in today’s market is an added unnecessary stress. 

It goes without saying that many students go off to college with undecided majors because they may have been too busy studying for their ACT or SAT exams. Although these tests are important, it takes time away from what really matters, finding your meaning in life. 

Along with college comes moving away from home and gaining newfound independence. The first 18 years of someone’s life is spent mostly under the guidance of their parent/guardian. Now it is up to the person themselves to go pick a career, buy a house, and pay the monthly water bill. 

Going out into the real-world for those that are very dependent is never an easy transition but some see it as a way to branch out and find out who they want to be as a person. And although older generations claim the youngers have the internet to look up the solution to all of their problems, it is human nature to trust the words of those closest to them. 

The responsibility of adulthood also comes with bigger obligations like bills and investing your money. Yes, economics class reviews the ins-and-outs of the stock market and the different aspects of the supply chain, but there are more trivial ones to worry about like taxes. 

“I am nervous about paying taxes because it is not something that I know a lot about. Also it seems like something that is really time consuming especially when considering a job and college,” said senior Zack Weber. 

Students are about to enter a world where being independent is going to be crucial to success. Preparation for the future is a way to build more educated and confident generation now and in the future.