Online adaption to typical student registration 


Sophie Barkett

Sophomores Rianne Thompson (back left), Abby Carlson (back right), Natalie Bui (front left), and Raquel Ruiz (front right) pick out which classes they will take in their next year at Perry. Students have to register differently this year, through the Infinite Campus app and registration forms.

Students must register for classes online this year, using a combination of making class selections through the Infinite Campus app, followed up by completing the paper registration forms. On the app, students have the option to register for classes in-person at Perry and virtually through the Chandler Online Academy. 

Students can have as many classes in either program as they choose. For example, students could do three classes in-person and three classes online, or any combination that they choose. The ability to choose which classes are taken online and in-person can create schedules in which students only come in for one period, or leave in-person school at any time. 

Counselor Fred Mann is concerned about what the possible surge of students to COA will cause, saying, “I’m worried about how much Chandler online can accommodate.” Mann recommends that it would be best for students to attend in-person classes, if it is possible for them.

In years past, counselors would distribute papers with the registration information to the English classrooms with grade 9-11 students. In students’ math class, the class would visit the counselor’s room and each takes a turn with a counselor at selecting their classes.

This year students will be required to print off their own registration paper. They must go to the Perry website, and print off the appropriate form for their upcoming grade. The registration form, starting on Jan. 27th, will be collected in students’ math classrooms.

On Jan. 20th and 21st, students watched a presentation in their English classes teaching them how to register for classes on the app. Teachers went over the registration form and process with the students, but, ultimately, the responsibility of registering lies with the students. This responsibility including, remembering to print their registration forms by the time they are due. 

Even though there are a few setbacks, many students think that these changes are beneficial. Sophomore Nate Clemons says, “It’s easier to access and it’ll let them be able to choose their classes easier and do more stuff they want.” However, freshman Stella Jones argues that, “I think registration is a little bit harder this year cause we’re not able to talk to teachers and counselors as easily online.” 

However, this process will be completely virtual this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.  So rather than transport students by the class to visit one-on-one with a counselor, students must register for classes on their own, through the Infinite Campus app. 

A benefit to the change in registration is accessibility associated with the ease of technology. 

  Through an unpredictable year with many changes, the change of registration is not only tolerable but in many cases, favorable.