Bettancort leaves PHS to pursue Cooley MS position

Security guard Ruben Bettancort decided last week to leave Perry to work as a SpED assistant Cooley MS


Last Friday security guard Ruben Bettancort resigned from his post on campus, causing many students to wonder why he was leaving.

There has been a lot of misconceptions surrounding his resignation; according to posts on social media, several students say he is of one of the most beloved security guards on campus.

Bettancort was not fired, as many students’ social media accounts claimed. 

After a discussion with him last week, Bettancort said he decided to leave to go work at Cooley Middle School. 

Bettancort had previously worked at Cooley, and when he asked to comeback the principal welcomed him back with open arms.

Even though he said he loved working at PHS, he claimed there were issues with a faculty member in the office who challenged his work ethic. Additionally, Bettancort said he had been criticized a few times for being too easy on students. However, leaving PHS was his decision, he said.

Principal Dan Serrano said that there was no administrative pressure for Bettancort to leave. 

His new job at CMS has Bettancort following around a special needs student, and helping him with his daily activities. Bettancort said he is excited to take on this new challenge, and is looking forward to helping this student out with the trials of middle school.