One Freshman’s ‘Tough Truth’


Laney Wardell

Freshman Trey Lane leads the Varsity football team out for their first home game.

With the hype squad making a spirit day around him and the football team striving to be as strong as him. Trey Lane, a freshman here at Perry high school with a rare genetic disorder continues to fight everyday. 

Trey has Mucopolysaccharidosis VI. This occurs when you are missing an enzyme used to break down sugars called glyco-saminoglycans. Which are vital to the building of one’s skin, bones, organs and the sugars turn into a jelly like solution.

Despite his struggles he still maintains a positive attitude. To Trey and his family these are not any struggles at all, it is all a blessing. Even with his differences it does not slow Trey down at all. He manages school, the football team, and on top of it all, his different treatments and infusions. 

             But with these differences it opens up many new opportunities. When he was diagnosed with his disorder he was offered a wish by the make a wish foundation. He used this opportunity to start and design his own T-shirt company, Tough Truth. Trey states, “It means to always be tough and believe in your own truth.” 

The money he makes from selling his shirts is to get himself a car and all of the stuff that needs to go into the car. “I decided to make a business out of my make a wish and make shirts to sell to people so I can save up for my car and all the stuff to put in it for me to drive” Trey explained.

With the football season about to start, Trey is on the edge of his seat waiting for the games starting whistle to blow. He enjoys getting to be out there with his brother and the coaches. He just likes to be out there with the team. His goal for the year is to get all A’s and B’s, but another goal is for the Pumas to win state. 

His favorite position in football is running back or linebacker. When asked why he liked football so much Trey said “I grew up with it, I like everything about it.”

Senior Broc Lane, Treys brother, notes that, “It’s fun getting to see him at school now riding around on his bike knowing he’s at the same school as me now.”

Trey has had no problem fitting in at Perry. Ever since he got here he has been hot stuff on campus. Many people who he may not even know say hi to him as he’s going through the halls. 

Trey may have some differences but he is just like every other teenage kid, he enjoys playing video games, swimming, and watching football.  “He’s a regular kid, there is nothing different about him, just treat him like that,” Broc Lane said.