Theater receives title of REINING State Champs


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Coming back from spring break, Theater received the exciting news that they have been recognized as REINING State Champions just after receiving superiors at their final tournament, “The State 1-Act Competition.”

Throughout the year, school teams battle each other at both the regional and state level through 1-acts, musicals, duo-scenes, and others; at the end, the team with the largest amount of points is given the highest title.

Theater teacher Shawna Marquis could not be happier with the turnout of this year, not only is this recognition an honor, but it is their third year in a row to have received it. She credits this to her faith in her student’s hard work, dedication, and willingness to sacrifice time.

“I expect them to work hard; I expect excellence,” Marquis said, “I want to provide as many opportunities for my students.”

When it came to actually winning at the state level, there was a lot of nervous tension flowing throughout the team, primarily due to the large amount of seniors that had recently graduated.

“I was so happy, we all thought that we weren’t going to do as well because we didn’t have enough ‘talent,’” senior Ashley Little comments, “but being able to win again this year shows that we are able to pull through even if we lose a lot of people.”

With a three year pattern, the thought of coming out strong a fourth year is daunting; however, junior Ryan Dunn is both optimistic and reassured by the results of this year, even while losing “talent.”

“We don’t want to expect to win, but we are hopeful, we think that we have the capability,” Dunn comments on the approaching year.

“It is not on the people, but on how hard we work, no matter who they are.”

This welcoming perspective to both prospective students and a new year is not only reflected in those participating, but teachers as well.

We want to keep building the momentum, get the most points as we can get, and keep working hard,” assures Marquis.

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