Tayler Dale creates inclusive ELLA club

Senior Tayler Dale sets an inspirational example of taking action. Dale was in the English Language Learners Assistants (E.L.L.A.) program last year as a junior, the club only having a few students who mainly spoke spanish. As a senior, Dale has grown along with the program. This is the first year Perry High School has had a club dedicated to “helping them transition into Perry”, Dale says, “and integrate them into the school more.” Dale explains the club aids the students in things they struggle with, not only the language but also being social. The English Language Learners Assistants club helps the students by getting groups together to go to the football games, and getting tickets along with taking them dress shopping for homecoming, altogether becoming involved in the Perry community. But Tayler is more than a member of the E.L.L.A. club, she is an exemplar of a hard-working high school student. Her passions include volunteering, school work, and working with kids. She aspires to be a lawyer, going to law school out of state.

Tayler Dale has taken common situations and turned them into extraordinary opportunities. Dale explains “I am the oldest of six children and I’ve always been a role model for them. Because of that I’ve started working with kids trying to be an example for them too.” This is how Dale learned that she loves working with children, and because of that she volunteers at various organizations including the sixth hour E.L.L.A. class, foster care, the Royal Family Kids Camp (RFKC), and the special olympics. Tayler volunteers at the RFKC,a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring children in the foster program. Tayler works to provide the foster kids in the Arizona foster care program with the chance to go to summer camp, providing them with an opportunity to “grow and understand the real warmth and love of family” according to the Royal Family Kids Camp fundraiser webpage. 

 In addition to all the community service Dale provides, she still has other jobs. She mentions that she works as a “private tutor and a provider for kids with learning disabilities” taking her strengths and administering them to those who need it.

 Amidst all the stress of being a high school senior, applying for colleges, and continually working,  Dale is constantly giving her all in order to benefit anyone she crosses paths with, especially her fellow high school students. Her involvement in the English Language Learner Assistants club demonstrates the accepting and supportive community environment that Perry is working so hard to accomplish.