Couples on campus


You would never guess that the kid who sits across the room in your eighth grade grade Algebra two class would end up being your highschool sweetheart. Especially a zero hour class.

Nevertheless, seniors Amanda Federico and Matt O’Neal found love in this hopeless place.

The couple, who started dating August of 2018, have some different things they enjoy doing on date nights, including attending improv shows at Improv Mania. Amanda, who has been featured before as one of the Perrywinkle’s improv team captains, also added that the two “go to poke a lot.” The Asian fusion cuisine is a combination of sushi and salad.

The couple’s most unique date so far was also centered around Asian food. “We went to an Asian market,” Matt explained. “We’ve done that two or three times.”

Another unordinary date was a night out at Ikea with another one of our featured couples, Caden and Makena. “It was pretty sick,” Amanda commented, laughing.


Meeting through mutual friends is a common occurrence for high school students. However, not many couples that meet this way, or many high school couples at all for that matter, last as long as seniors Caden Wheeler and Makena Sy. The two have been dating for almost two and a half years.

Not all long lasting relationships start with a fairytale beginning. Makena commented that the first time the two met she “thought he was a little weird,” and Caden said that the couple’s first date to see “Suicide Squad”, back when it came out in 2016, was a little awkward. “But it ended up being a good first date,” he said.

The couple has a variety of favorite date spots. Some of their top spots are Oregano’s and the candy shop nearby. Their all time favorite however, is Petsmart. “He basically has a zoo at his house,” Sy laughed. “We’ll buy a tarantula one day or buy some new fish one day, so that’s kinda fun!”

That is a tip for you gentlemen out there. Petsmart dates make for long lasting relationships.


Seniors Justin Grigory and Kasey Smith met in a punny way. “The running joke that has gotten all too old is we had Chemistry together sophomore year,” Grigory explained.

The couple has a variety of fun and uncommon date night ideas. One of their favorites is going antiquing, and their most unique date was going to Ikea. Kasey mentioned that the couple had been fighting before going but “there was a huge rainbow in the sky which I took a sign that we should make up.”

The couple’s favorite restaurants vary. “One of our favorite restaurants is Chodang in downtown Chandler,” the two explained. But fancy dinners are not necessary all the time. “Denny’s is a classic,” Justin said and Kasey added that the two love Chick-fil-a.

It seems like the two can make anything into a fun date. “We took her mom grocery shopping once,” Justin chuckled.

The couple has been dating a year and nine months, proving that relationships can indeed be built on Denny’s and the grocery store.  


A lot of individuals dream of meeting their soulmate at work, Jim and Pam Halpert style. But not many are lucky enough to have that dream come true.

Katie and Keahi Cambra met at work five years ago.

The couple, who’ve been married for a little over a year, have gone on a multitude of crazy dates, including a trip to see the hit musical Hamilton and many halloween dates. Mrs. Cambra said that her and her husband “…like Halloween so we always get dressed up and try to do really fun couples.”

The Cambras have also participated in a murder mystery dinner at which they won a “best dressed” award with Mr. Cambra dressed as Danny Zuko and Mrs. Cambra as Sandy Olsson, the two main love interests in the classic musical Grease.

The couple’s favorite restaurant for date night varies but Liberty Market is high on the list. “We like Postinos… and then our go-to is Sushia.” Mrs. Cambra added.          

Similarly to the Halperts, the Cambras said that they “were just friends for a long time.”

The moral of this sweet love story is that you should never give up looking for a Jim or a Pam!


When the Eric and Kimberly Rygiel met at the ASU teaching college, they did not expect that a Facebook message would end in marriage. The couple, who have been married one and a half years, are both teachers, english and math.

Despite their teaching professions, the Rygiels go out to have fun often.

The married couple’s favorite restaurant differs. Mr. Rygiel explained that his “favorite restaurant to go on a date is Sushi Ave…The restaurant is very authentic and the sushi is delicious.” He continued to say “I like it cause it represents how much fun we have together doing things that are goofy, like we are.” Additionally mentioned was the fact that the sushi from Sushi Ave. is decently priced at happy hour and he even threw in a hashtag: “#BallerOnABudget.”

On the other hand, Mrs. Rygiel commented enthusiastically that the couple’s favorite restaurant is “Texas Roadhouse!” She went on to explain that “It’s great comfort food and not overly expensive.”

Despite the difference in their dinner preferences, both Mr. and Mrs. Rygiel agreed that their most memorable date night in the past included a “trash the dress” photo shoot during which they destroyed their wedding dress and tux.

The next time you go to Texas Roadhouse, try the Rygiel special: prime ribs and rolls with cinnamon butter.