Lil Puma Clinic Proves Successful for Eighth Consecutive years

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Lil Puma Clinic Proves Successful for Eighth Consecutive years


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As Friday night football gets students and players riled up, the smiling faces and pom-poms on the sidelines are working harder than ever to keep the high energy in gear. The 2018-2019 cheer team is not only practicing to perfect their skills consistently, but they are also huge involvements on the school campus.

Junior Lacey Hall has been a part of the Cheer program since her freshman year and this is her first year on varsity. “The big difference from JV and Varsity is the involvement at school, we are here early and late either doing things for football or practicing” Hall stated in a bubbly tone. Being on cheer has become a lifestyle instead of a hobby for many girls on the team.

Kaitlyn Reeves has been on cheer for the past three years and explains, “All the practices can get really stressful because it never stops. Cheer has literally become my life after the past few years.”

At practices, the girls must repeatedly train to ensure they are mentally and physically prepared for game-days. Being a part of the program requires constant energy that not many people obtain, “If you’re not doing your part than honestly, it falls back on the rest of your team.” states Reeves.

Football season is especially known to be popular which re-enforces the girls to be training extra hard. The “Tedious process” begins throughout summer practices where the team perfects tumbling, stunts, and even conditions weekly. All of the practice is for good reason as the season begins just weeks after summer ends.

Head Cheer Coach Desiree Stinnett also explains that “Football season tends to have a large crowd, and that is what the girls thrive off of.” Each girl must push themselves to meet high demands throughout the week and the results are shown through flawless performances, stunts, and many smiles.

As the cheerleaders are working on their own skills, they also get the chance to help others on their own. For the past eight years the “Lil Puma Clinic” has been held in order to give young girls a first hand experience in the world of cheer.

Over 100 girls sign up where then they are put into groups then get to learn chants and dances with the cheer program.

“It is super fun, yet stressful to hang out with the girls since they look up to you,” Reeves stated. Later, at the game, the girls have the opportunity to perform for their parents as well as students which results in lots of excitement. Coach Stinnett exclaimed, “The overall goal and hope is for the girls to grow an appreciation for or fall in love with the sport.”

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