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Battle Through Injuires


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When playing sports in high school its an advantage but in some ways it can become  unpleasant and very remorseful. Perry High School girls soccer team has the recognition that they deserve. Here at Perry working as a team is everything to these girls and teamwork is everything as well as dedication.Girls soccer has a 22-2 record they’ve only lost 5 games in 2 years. “ The most common injury the team members faced are knees and ankles ”Stated by Jackie Gilbert who plays for PHS soccer team.” The team fought hard this year to stay away from injuries just by preparing the day before or weeks before to get ready for the big game” There is something special about these girls that no one can really understand there coaches have also have been there for the girls too “ we’ve had more injuries than normal this year but we tell the girls that you can’t just sit around and feel bad for yourself you have to get up and keep pushing ”Coach Boone (Strength and conditioning coach). “Our teams inspiration is our school’s spirit we’ve always wanted to do our best for our team and our school”  Stated by Remmi Deutsch who plays on the PHS team. So as we prepare for an amazing season, the girls are prepared to take home a championship this year.

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Battle Through Injuires