Leslie Jones: teacher, singer, and world traveler


When you walk into Ms. Jones classroom you can’t help but notice her energy that immediately fills the room. Whether you’re a teacher or student her zeal and passion for teaching is hard to miss.

Leslie Jones has already made an impact on the students and environment  at Perry, and it’s only her first year here. Jones made the switch to Perry this past year and although says the transition has been overwhelming at times, she says it has been a “dream come true.”

“I like working with kids” Jones stated. Her devotion to empower students is obvious as she has helped with academic decathlon, student council, coached everything from volleyball to tennis, and even began the AP Language program at Williams Field High School.

Here at Perry Jones teaches 11th grade English, film study, and speech and debate which illustrates her dedication and interest in a wide variety of subjects.

“It’s been a challenge but it keeps my day totally interesting” she said in regards to her three subject filled day. Jones is in charge of the Speech and Debate team who have state competitions coming up in March.  

“It’s been fun for me” Jones remarked. The team usually travels to a competition one weekend a month and has been successful this year in their endeavors.  

Aside from teaching, Jones keeps herself busy outside the classroom. She explained that “one of her absolute passions” is singing.

Jones has been singing a Capella barbershop with a competitive quartet for over five years but says she has been singing since she was a kid. The group rehearses every week and competes in all different kinds of singing competitions.

“I spend my time learning new music and singing with my friends and being able to perform, I love it” Jones stated.

On top of participating in her singing group, Jones also loves to travel the world. She has been to England, Italy, Greece, Germany, and Mexico just to name a few. She is even planning a trip to China over fall break of 2017.

It’s hard to deny Ms. Jones love of learning when you watch her teach. She keeps things interesting no matter the subject and isn’t afraid to laugh and learn along with her students.

“I want to inspire kids to find out what their passion is” Jones stressed, “I love when you introduce concepts or different films or books and seeing it spark something inside of them,

“I just want kids to find out what matters to them and how their gonna leave their mark on the world.”

While she hopes to help students make an impact on the world, Ms. Leslie Jones has certainly already made her difference both in and out of the classroom.