Final Moments: creation of the 2016 senior slideshow


Isaiah Patterson

The class of 2016 will graduate on May 24 in John Wrenn Stadium.

Senior year, just the mention of it triggers strong emotion. The last year of high school,last year at the place where most began their high school careers. A great way to capture memories is through pictures, and most teenagers nowadays do just that.

In order to commemorate the memories of this year’s graduates, StuGo member Isaiah Patterson put together a slideshow combining memories of the graduates, in school, out of school, anything that represents their last year of high school.

According to Patterson, his job included, “collecting the pictures, collecting the videos, making the videos, finding songs, putting the songs together and making sure that they flow together nicely, pretty much all of it.” One of the ways he collected all these pictures was creating the hashtag “phsmemories16.” Students were asked to use this hashtag on social media if they wanted the pictures to be in the senior slideshow.

In the middle of the slideshow, was a portion where there were videos of various seniors talking about Michael Roach, a senior who passed away this school year. While it was StuGo as a whole who came up with the idea for something commemorating Roach, it was Patterson himself who thought of getting videos of students “mentioning what they thought of when they think of Roach”. It was a touching thing to include in the slideshow, and good thinking by Patterson and Stugo.

Patterson reveals he had been working on the slideshow since “almost the beginning of the school year”. Being a senior himself, he found it fun to look back on the memories of him and his classmates. “I was told to include mostly pictures of senior year, but I thought it was important to include pictures from the years leading up to it,” Patterson stated.

It can be difficult to combine four years of memories, friends, and experiences into a few minutes, but Isaiah Patterson did a great job of it. One can hope whoever has the duty of putting together the senior slideshow next year has the same dedication to the project, and enjoys it just as much, with an outcome as amazing and nostalgic as 2016’s.