Hallways: Student’s Style



Seniors Zoey Estrada(left) and Victoria Jezierski(right) with sophomore Lilian Murphy(middle) in sculpture I. Estrada is sketching on their day of the dead mask with their prototype sketch next to them as the other two students work on sanding their pig sculptures in preparation for glazing.

With the new C building getting its own mural art painted by students a question is presented: should there be more student-made art in the hallways? Giving art classes the freedom to paint the hallways is a good way for the school to show its creativity and self-expression. This could make the school more unique and stand out more from the rest of the high schools in the area. But will it look nice or just create more clutter and disorganization throughout the halls? 

Many people love the idea of more colors and decorations in the halls. Sophomore Junior Sadaffathima Padshah said, “I think there should be more student art in the hallways so we can display student creativity and academic progress as well.” Although positive, not everyone thinks this way as Senior Logan Brostrom said “Student art just clutters the hallways, the mural doesn’t match the school’s color scheme and student art would just be more paper for students to mess and litter the hallway with.” Negative yes but this does not make the point any less valid. Murals in the halls like the one in the new C building may not match Perry’s maroon and navy color scheme and might leave the halls looking not only busy and mismatched but more childish like the art residing on the walls of preschools and daycares. 

Although murals may not be the best route, how about student projects that include artistic aspects? This could be a better way to show student creativity as not only would all students get to participate but this would continue for the incoming student unlike murals that are painted by a few people, have a specific theme, and last a great deal of time. Sophomore Theo Slattery said, “I see a great deal of super impressive art in my English class although it’s either displayed on the wall of the room or not at all never in the hallways.” It could be a nice change to display students’ pride and effort to all the students who pass by in the halls. As nice as this sounds though it may come with some costly drawbacks. Without teachers to constantly watch them the art pieces could be vandalized either by being stolen, torn, or drawn on. Of course, not all students do this but enough do to the point that it may end up a problem. 

Although there are no clear answers to these issues, the outcome may be good for students and the school as a whole. At the end of the day there are pros and cons for each side but it’s up to the students to decide what to side with.

What do you think about student art in the halls? Answer this two question survey to voice your opinion. https://forms.gle/D5P9W8qDbLGKToS86