Quick, Improvise!

Perrywinkles’ improv comedy show


Henry Honeycutt

Junior Cole Cuevas acting in a Christmas themed improv game

The show is on! The Perrywinkles’ tirelessly prepared for their improv show that was set on the 16th of December this year. What exactly is improv? Improv stands for improvisation to create a comedy show without a script, premeditated jokes, and content. These shows rely on the audience members for content using the context they give for jokes and games.

Although improvisation is not planned that doesn’t mean Perrywinkles can’t practice. Senior Summer Gould said that “To prepare for our improv shows we pretty much just get together and practice the games.” These games typically use the audience by asking for  suggestions and then executing the game in reference to or according to the context.

To prepare, Perrywinkles focus on putting together the games and their orders while also using team exercises to get comfortable with one another. Improv club Captain, senior Ethan Grigory, said “We can’t really rehearse as well as other more scripted things so we make up for that by doing more bonding activities.” These bonding activities allow the members to not only get more comfortable with each other but also with the games and being on stage in general.

Generally, there are a wide variety of these games, but they can be narrowed down into categories including group improv, scene based, and gimmick games. Group improv involves everybody using a suggestion from the audience, scene based is where the actors create a scene, and gimmick games don’t involve scenes, rather taking the audiences’ suggestions and using it to create gimmicks which include made up items, people, and places.

Perrywinkles have 16 members with show attendance reaching about around 100 on average. The club sponsor Shawna Marquis’ message to new members is, “Don’t be afraid to try new things; it’s ok to fail. We actually celebrate failure because that’s how we learn and we make it fun in the process. And also trust your instincts.” Overall, the club creates a lighthearted fun environment not just for the members themselves, but the audiences that come to watch them.

The show started off with a game that had teams take turns advancing their own skits including the dentist, lobsters, and construction workers. Next the entire club had a debate over pepperoni vs sausage on pizza. After that they played out a skit where two people would act as the inner thoughts of two different people acting out a scenario. They continued with a funny skit about FBI agents. Next the audience suggested sayings or catch phrases the club members would have to pick up to fill in the blank to a scenario. After this the team played a Christmas game where one person would be the “Santa” and have to find out the other members “quirks” based on questions. Finally the whole club shared their improvised puns. The team grabbed arms and bowed to the audience as the show came to an end.