Tri-M Musical Honor Society: Next generation’s music leaders


Senior Kylie Christensen, freshman CJ Chen, and Junior David Schwartz focus on new pieces. Well-rounded members of Tri-M are dedicated to both their school work and music studies.

Tri-M, or Modern Music Masters, Music Society is an international honor program for junior high and high school students. The organization strives to inspire passionate musicians and scholars to share their love of music with the community. With over 40 members, the Perry chapter is working to create future musical educators and advocates. 

The organization dates back to 1936 and since has been acknowledged with a variety of service and achievement awards. In the U.S. alone, Tri-M has 1,900 chapters and awards $4,500 in scholarships every year. In order to be eligible for the society, one must: have been enrolled in a music course for at least one semester, maintain an A average in all music-related classes and a B average overall, be acknowledged as a leader around campus and enthusiastic about serving the community, embody Tri-M values in and out of the club.

This year’s president, senior Adithi Nythruva, claims the society has helped her to learn “the beauty of being able to perform with other groups.” As a self-proclaimed “choir-nerd,” membership has allowed them to gain experience working with band and orchestra students she would not usually have had the opportunity to collaborate alongside. Being a part of Tri-M has helped Nythruva to become more well-rounded in their skills and understand what it takes to work with other kinds of accomplished musicians. She elaborated, “The idea of being able to work with other people with different instruments is something that I personally have loved”

Senior member Haven Tellez shared that the club has given her the chance to see firsthand the positive impact that music can have on the community. According to Tellez, “There’s a lot of opportunities for music as a subject, like service things.” The society provides many opportunities for participants that allow members to get in valuable practice time while serving others.

Tri-M will be holding its first meeting on Sept. 20 and its members will kick-off another year of sharing their love of music with others.