Marvel director brings horror-feel film to theaters


Presley Plant

Doctor Strange In the Mutiverse Of Madness premiered on May 5th. Marvel fanatics go to see their two favorite characters, Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange.

Marvel fans have been eagerly waiting for the premiere of Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The film has been promoted for nearly a year now, and has been showcased on posters, trailers, and partnerships. AMC theaters are even giving away limited edition cups for the first few weeks after the release date while supplies last. The hype amongst both the brains behind the film and the fans was super hyped prior to the movie being released which then asserted high expectations. 

The movie features two of the biggest faces in the marvel universe currently. Elizabeth Olsen’s character Scarlet Witch and Benedict Cumberbatch’s role as Doctor Strange have such an intriguing dynamic together on screen. They both tamper with different kinds of magic and it is fascinating to watch how they use their capabilities to their advantage as they travel through different multiverses. 

The events that take place throughout the film originate from the classic Marvel comic entitled “Darkhold” by Steve Orlando and Clan Tormey. Although the film followed the same storyline, there was some novelty amongst the characters and the director Sam Raimi had her own creative spirit behind the intentions of each and every character, especially the Scarlet Witch. 

Unlike most Marvel films, the creative minds behind the film wanted to paint the right emotion for their audience, therefore they stepped back from the classic action and thrill pact stylistic choice and decided to go with more a horror touch. My favorite actoring choice is when one of the main characters broke the fourth wall in order to demand an emotional response. Personally, I felt this was the right direction to go towards because the multiverse is a dangerous concept to be toying around with.

 With parallelisms in each one of these universes it is crucial that each character stay in their own universe before they start a multiversal war. I believe that the producers made great sense of this and built on the levels of intensity within the film with numerous jump scares and plot twists. 

Standing at two hours and 6 minutes, the duration of the film felt appropriate considering all of the contents of the film they covered. The story did not feel rushed and each scene was divided in ways that made sense. However, the biggest unfortunate thing that I took away from the movie was that the ending felt rushed. Not only did it spontaneously come to an end but it was hard to make sense out of what happened and what to expect. We are introduced to a new character and Marvel hints at a new direction for future movies.

Overall, I was overall satisfied with this film and I was impressed with the acting and all other elements of the film. For all the promotion and hype it received I think they gave what was demanded. Theaters were all full the first few days of opening and post movie conversations suggest other people were also satisfied.