Netflix: Taking control with interactive shows

As technological advancements continue to grow and develop, the limits of what we perceive as “typical” alter and change. The idea of interacting with television is becoming a reality, with the streaming platform Netflix containing a whole slew of their interactive media. This ranges from interactive shows with a “choose your own ending” feel, to trivia games and shows that help you unwind. 


This Black Mirror film spans about an hour and 30 minutes, but viewers could spend hours on its extensive paths and possibilities. The show follows video game designer Stefan Butler in 1984, and you, as the viewer, get to make decisions for him. The choices start tame with what to have for breakfast and what music to listen to on the bus, but later in the show become a matter of life and death. The show is incredibly captivating and floods viewers with power to do whatever they choose. The Black Mirror show contains elements of dystopia and horror, and this episode doesn’t shy away. Some more mature topics are explores such as mental illnesss, murder, and drug usage, but the elements add to the tense mood of the show. The ending, no matter which one the participant gets, will leave viewers wanting more. The unique nature of the show is fascinating, and Netflix provides the opportunity to go back to each choice you make to see what each little change would do. 

Trivia Crack:

Many people may be familiar with the Trivia app, “Trivia Crack.” Recently, Netflix has adapted this fun game into a tv show format. The episode probes the viewers with questions that they have to answer in order to free one of the main 12 characters. So far only three episodes are out, with new episodes coming out every day throughout the month of April. Viewers can change the difficulty of the questions and audience the questions target. Overall this adaption is an entertaining way to spend a couple minutes of the day, as well as stimulates brain usage. Some questions were tough, but it is very validating to grow a streak of right answers. The show’s message of freeing the host Willy’s friends from a villain is somewhat childish, but still enjoyable nonetheless. 

Headspaces Unwind Your Mind:

This show is advertised as a 15 minute long break from one day. There are options to meditate, sleep, or relax. Once viewers choose what their option there’s more questions, based on the viewers specific mood and time constraint. The video that is tailored to the answers the watcher chooses provides a scenic calming background and music, and helps to calm viewers, or give them a reprieve from their day. The video for stressed feelings is 7 minutes long, and tells watchers to take deep breaths, and overall provides reassuring commentary. These videos could be very helpful to those in stressful situations, and it can be done with ease on the Netflix app. 


Technology will continue to grow more fantastical with the times, and Netflix has yet to shy away from the challenge. There are a plethora of additional interactive shows, such as Escape the Undertaker, You Vs. Wild, and Minecraft Story Mode. Rather than shouting answers to Dora on a screen, the screen now has the ability to answer back, and who knows what technological development is next to unfold.