Hawkeye: Best Marvel Storyline Written Yet


Presley Plant

Hawkeye series aired on November 24, 2021. New episodes are released weekly on Wednesday.

Marvel caught the attention of all the Avenger fanatics with their most recent release of the series: Hawkeye. Exciting new threats stir in the city of New York which forces the infamous Clint Barton, more commonly known as Hawkeye, out of retirement. Taking place after Avengers: Endgame movie, Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfield, comes across a relic that pulls her into a mess with a violent gang. 

The season takes place around the holidays and what Barton thought was supposed to be a normal holiday season turned into a chaotic chase that was all started due to Barton’s past life. In the movie, Endgame, Barton takes on a new identity known as the “Ronin”. Later this murderous profile comes back to bite him. 

Barton saves Bishop from a gang threat and eventually becomes her mentor and watching their partnership grow over each and every episode is quite intriguing. Watching Barton showcase all his secret talents really enhances the show and brings his character to life. The parallelism between both the comics and the series is surreal and it improves the overall accuracy of the series as a whole. 

Episode 1 and 2 focuses on the backstory of Bishop, one of the many residents who were caught in the battle of 2011 in New York City during Endgame. She witnessed Barton saving the city through her window and ever since he has been her role model. 

Bishop and Barton both are constantly learning from one another and their dynamic is amusing to watch. With the mixture of both young, playful Bishop and sarcastic, serious Barton, they both appear to be polar opposites. The way the characters compliment each other helped liven up the show.

Episode 3 is the most action packed that viewers have seen thus far. From specialized weaponed arrows to speeding down the streets of New York, there is a lot to keep fans entertained. Throughout there are many jokes thrown in to balance out the action and make the thrilling scenes less intense.

Episode 4 reigns higher than the others due to its incredible use of screenwriting. Throughout the episode we see Barton reflecting on his past as Ronin, which is ultimately responsible for his fate in the series. Near the end they tie in the series with another character who ultimately comes in to shake up things dramatically. This event adds an extremely intense, thrilling factor that leaves viewers anticipating what will be in consequence of Barton’s frowned upon past. 

Overall, the direction in which they decided to take the show is superior to most shows Marvel has released yet. With episodes that manage to not lose your attention to subsequent backstories and events that need unfolding, there is something for everyone. Episode 5 releases on Dec. 15 on Disney+.