New magic, powers explored within Marvel legend



Marvel super hero, Shang-Chi, came to the discovery of his new powers. Explore the wonders and mysteries that he faces in theatres today.

Marvel recently released “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”, an action and adventure film, which introduces fans and watchers to a very powerful, strong new hero to the Marvel universe. This film is perfect for families to go and see in their local theatre. It has something for everybody, from magical creatures to untold truths about Shang-Chi and his family that slowly unraveled throughout the movie. 

Upon arrival at the theatre, many people were in line to see this film. The theatre room was full of Marvel fanatics that sang the opening credit fanfare. The ambience in the room was full of happiness and excitement, which made going into the movie much better. Many good reviews were made in regards to the movie after the first week of showing in the theatre.

Shang-Chi can only be seen in theatres and will not have premier access on Disney +. It will later be out for streaming when released on DVD. This is in response to previous films that they pushed out that could not earn enough money since watchers did not have to go to the theatre. Disney actresses, such as Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone, had sued in response to not receiving the money from the box office that they were promised for their projects. But, this does encourage families to get out of the house and go to their local theatre to support their favorite actors.

This film uses flashbacks throughout the duration to help tell the story. The pacing was perfect and grabbed the attention of their audience by feeding them small bits of information. Shang-Chi faces a new force of evil that is previously unknown, and has to form unlikely alliances to take down this malevolent, giant creature. Shang-Chi proves himself to be a strong, powerful, and unparalleled hero like we have never seen before due to a new power he wields called the ten rings. 

Shang-Chi’s mother formed an army of defensive warriors to protect her sacred homeland, Ta-Lo, before she passed. Her village was full of wonder and beauty like never seen before; also not able to be navigated by mankind. However, located in her homeland is a gate that can unleash evil creatures and lead to pure chaos. Shang-Chi and his sister Leiko must come together with opposing forces to take on these terrifying creatures. There were little to no flaws in the animation. It looked realistic and the CGI used throughout the movie was very advanced and brought the story to life. 

The casting for this film was phenomenal. They had a good balance between serious and goofy, actors such as the renowned actress Awkwafina, who plays Katy. Other actors and actresses include Simu Liu (Shang-Chi), Fala Chen (Leiko Wu), and Michelle Yeoh (Jiang Nan). Awkwafina was one of the featured actresses in the film because she really brought forth some scenes that made people laugh and made the audience interact with the characters more. 

Overall this movie was well designed and everyone was satisfied with the story of this new hero. Fans were seen speculating about his arrival in future Marvel movies and can not wait to see his powers progress. The movie is well worth the money and time to see it.