Essential school snacks at Trader Joe’s


These are just a few of the great snacks offered at Trader Joe’s.

School is back which means no more grazing throughout the day or endless trips to the pantry. Now, you have to plan what you take in your backpack for the day. The best snacks can be motivating and will make you look forward to eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and all the little treats in between). What better place to find good food than Trader Joe’s? These are the best snacks from Trader Joe’s to bring to school with you this year.

  • Freeze Dried Strawberries
    • Trader Joe’s freeze dried strawberries are an oldie but a goodie. They are sweet, a little tart, and have a good crunch. This makes them perfect for breakfast, lunch, or a snack between classes. The strawberries from TJ’s always have good sized pieces, and usually are not too sugary. An added bonus is that they come in a resealable pouch so you don’t even have to package them up, just throw them in a bag and go.
  • Honey Sesame Almonds
    • At this point, it’s common knowledge that almonds, among other nuts, are great brain food. This makes them the perfect snack to help you power through the day. The honey sesame almonds are great because they have an interesting flavor and texture. They’re a little bit sweeter because of the honey and sesame seeds, which are a good source of healthy fats, fiber, and vitamins (not to mention, very addictive).
  • Soft Pretzels
    • Who doesn’t love a good soft pretzel? Just in case you don’t have time in the morning to stop by your nearest Wetzel Pretzel (like you would ever leave that out of your routine), you can now have soft pretzels from your very own freezer. These are absolutely delicious with a salty, crispy crust and a doughy inside. The pretzels can be heated up in the microwave, oven, airfryer, or even the toaster. Although they might be a little trickier to take to school, they make the perfect afternoon snack or even a breakfast (I know it’s not healthy but it’s really good).
  • Dark Chocolate Covered Powerberries
    • These little candies are not only yummy, but full of antioxidants. They are made of acai, cranberry, pomegranate, and blueberry and then drenched in dark chocolate. They’re the perfect treat to bring to school and they’re delicious because the tart fruit complements the chocolate very well.
  • Peach and Mango Yogurt
    • These are the best! Yogurts! Ever! They have a light and fluffy texture so they’re never heavy or easily separated like other brands of yogurt. The tartness of the yogurt goes really well with the peach and mango flavors to create a snack that’s both creamy and refreshing. Also, the packages are very cute and the perfect size (not too big to commit but not too small to leave you wanting more).