Eilish reinventing towards more bright, carefree sound


Derek Fernandez

Pop artist Billie Eilish releases a single from her second studio album. This reinvented song cover showcased a python to resemble the snake that coiled around her in the music video.

American pop artist Billie Eilish unveiled on her Instagram platform that her second album “Happier Than Ever” will drop on July 30. To promote her new album, Eilish recently released a selected track on the 29th of April. Fans responded overwhelmingly to the news of her return with her album announcement post receiving over 14 million likes.

Eilish’s recent single, “Your Power”, reveals that her music will likely be heading in a different direction than the sound of any of her other EP’s or albums that she wrote in the past. From going from a dark and haunting album like “When We Are Asleep, Where Do We Go?” to a carefree and bright mood, there is a very noticeable change in her music. 

If her listeners were to examine the cover to her new album it is very noticeable that she had a huge change in her appearance and one of the changes is her blonde hair. This is significant for the fact that it carries the blissful, calm mood she is striving for in her happy driven album. This change as well as the shift in her musical aesthetic prompts the question fans are asking themselves which is if the rest of the album will reflect her new experimental sound.  

The introduction of the song leads with a lullabye-esque guitar instrumental. This gives a rather acoustic feel compared to the production of previous songs. The song is still undoubtedly Billie Eilish in that her raw talent and ethereal voice draw listeners into an intimate space. Her beguiling lyrics and overall musicality appear to be positive on the surface, but upon analysis listeners can observe the dark undertones that Billie often encompasses in her work. 

Eilish’s light and airy sounding track addresses a heavy and serious topic, abuse. Throughout the song, she repeats the phrase “try not to abuse your power”, which is implied through the lyrics to be calling out those who take advantage of others and especially when it comes to younger women. She showcases her vulnerable side by using her voice to shed light on a reality many women have experienced. 

Eilish can detail an example story of a couple with an abusive dynamic in a manner that is heartbreaking and captivating at the same time. Perhaps this song could serve to help younger listeners recognize signs of an unhealthy relationship and develop the power to leave. Eilish exhibits that she still has storytelling capabilities that manifest into a song.