A odd bond founded; The Falcon and The Winter Soldier


Angel Wilson

Falcon and the Winter Soldier continue their journey on Apr. 2.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premiered a year after its announcement in April 2019. The show sets place after Endgame and the return of the missing people affected by ‘The Blip’, a term used by the series to describe what happened at the end of Infinity War with Thanos’ snap. 

Episode one of the show boasted a 49 minute runtime and was not action packed even with two characters whose combat is something to watch. Most of the action that Marvel is known for is used within the first 15 minutes and the rest is reserved for a bit too heavy of exposition dump about post-Blip life on Earth which was only shown in small bursts in Endgame.

Sam Wilson known as the “Falcon” (portrayed by Anthony Mackie), in the initial sequence, is asked by Steve Roger’s himself to take up the mantle of ‘Captain America’. But he later on denies it as he does not feel comfortable with replacing Steve Roger’s position. The entire initial sequence is dialogue heavy so for those who are used to action packed scenes in typical Marvel productions may be disappointed.

James “Bucky” Barnes (portrayed by Sebastian Stan) also known as the Winter Soldier is another character directly affected by the same event; returned after the effects were undone. He got a more clean look and is attempting to reconcile with his past life and traumas. Due to his Hydra background, his list of those who he needs reconciliation with is not a short one. There is also a new group who want the effects of the Blip to be initiated again and their group is known as the FlagSmashers. At the end of episode one, something was shown that shocked not only the viewer, but Falcon as well. For the first episode of this series, it gets most of the background information established to set up the storyline for the rest of the season.

 Episode Two had the same runtime as Episode One, finally getting the two protagonists working together, but not on friendly terms. Bucky and Sam both were close to Steve, but each had different relationships professionally and emotionally. Bucky holds a grudge against Sam for giving up the shield that Steve gave him to use, which has further implications that affect Bucky and finds it hard to cope with Sam’s decision. 

It is also shown that a new Captain America, known as John Walker has been chosen, to the dismay of both Bucky and Sam. In learning about Walker, Bucky proceeds to interrogate him to determine whether or not he is fit for the role. This plot point brings in the question whether or not the only antagonist will be the FlagSmasher’s or if John Walker will be the source of issues. 

Various secrets are exposed in regard to the FlagSmasher’s members and activities. Which leads the viewer to question where the season will follow. In the search for answers, Bucky and Sam head on a journey to the past and the future alike. Episode 3 hits Disney+ on Apr. 2.