Salad And Go: “drive through revolution” perfect for stress free brunch


Salad And Go offers more than just salad. The “drive through revolution” offers delicious breakfast burritos and amazing coffee from a local brand.

Brunch: to those with the most aesthetic feed, it is arguably the most important meal of the day. The lunch-breakfast hybrid presents a great opportunity to spend time with friends, dress up in overly fancy clothes, and grab an Instagram photo.

But, for those who don’t have the time, or frankly are not in the mood to be served an aesthetic- but tiny- piece of avocado toast, may I offer the perfect solution: Salad and Go.

Now I know- the restaurant has “salad” in the name, but hear me out. 

The Salad And Go menu features a spread of five different breakfast burritos, each priced at $2.99. You can grab a breakfast burrito, and order a cold brew that is brewed by Bergie’s, a local Arizona coffee company. The coffee beats anything you can get at Starbucks, because they are delicious- and only a dollar. Feel free to add flavor, creamer, or any milk alternatives, because the price will stay the same. 

Now, instead of spending twenty-five dollars on an incredibly small portion of “artisan” avocado toast and spending an absurd amount of time debating an Instagram caption for a picture of said toast, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast burrito and a 24 oz coffee for five bucks without leaving the comfort of your car. 

Salad And Go can provide you with lunch and dinner too. The salads are delicious, nutritious, and cheap- only $5.74 each. Add chicken, tofu, or bacon for free, or add shrimp for an extra $2.49. The portions are huge, and could easily be eaten for two meals at least. 

On the morning that I went to Salad And Go, I ordered a traditional breakfast burrito, a large cold brew with vanilla flavor and oat milk, and the BBQ chicken salad. The breakfast burrito consisted of eggs, bacon, potatoes, and pepper jack cheese wrapped in the most delicious tortilla. The house made salsa was equally as delicious. The coffee was great as well, not too bitter or strong. 

For lunch I enjoyed the BBQ chicken salad. I chose to take off the corn, but the toppings also included beans, pico de gallo, avocado, pepper jack cheese, tortilla strips, and chicken. The creamy BBQ dressing definitely made the salad, and I was able to eat half for lunch and half for dinner. Altogether, I spent less than fifteen dollars. 

One more Salad And Go menu item that is worth more than the dollar it costs, is the frozen strawberry lemonade. This sweet slushy drink is refreshing on hot Arizona days and goes well with the fresh salads.

The fresh ingredients, drive through ease, delicious drinks, cheap prices, and huge portions make Salad And Go not just a place to buy salads, but a restaurant to get every meal at.