Culture Clash provides deliciously healthy options


Anna Myers

Salad And Go offers more than just salad. The “drive through revolution” offers delicious breakfast burritos and amazing coffee from a local brand.

As everyone progresses into 2021, new years resolutions of embracing a healthy lifestyle become more and more difficult to maintain. However, the perfect option that is both healthy and delicious comes in the form of greek yogurt. Culture Clash Greek Yogurt not only is connected to various Farmers Markets, but they also have a store where you can dine-in, order delivery, or do curb-side pickup. Culture Clash even does catering, so if you ever have a brunch that is in serious need of greek yogurt, they deliver. 

Culture Clash refers to themselves with three phrases: “locally sourced”, “hand crafted”, and “absolutely delicious”, referring to the fact that all of the ingredients used to create their home-made greek yogurt all grow locally. They also partner with various locals, displaying their products in their stores. 

You can get their greek yogurt in four different sizes, all varying in price: runner ($4.05), small ($4.75), medium ($7.20), and family ($7.20). I selected small when ordering, the size was perfect, while it may seem like there would be a lack of yogurt due to the size, in reality it is the equivalent of two scoops of ice cream neatly packed. 

The package that the yogurts come in are visually appealing. The Culture Clash logo rests on top of the clear lids with the black and white contrast. The colors of the yogurts are pleasing to the eyes. All in all, the presentation is neat and attractive, gaining a rating of ten out of ten.

Now, to the actual flavors. After looking through their decently long list of flavors ranging from Lemon Curd to Peanut Butter Pie, I selected three to try: the classic Lemon Curd, the fan favorite White Chocolate Raspberry, and the risky Passion Fruit. 

The White Chocolate Raspberry yogurt was nothing short of authentic. The texture of the yogurt took some getting used to considering the thick nature, but once you stir up the flavors, mixing the pink and white colors, all of the flavor comes out. Within the mixture, there were even pieces of white chocolate chips and raspberry. The flavor was not overwhelming, and neither side overpowered the other. If you are a sweet tooth like I am, the White Chocolate Raspberry is for you. I would rate this an eight-point-five out of ten.

Next came the Lemon Curd, a classic among greek yogurts. The contrasting white and yellow appearance was a good combination, and once you dig in, the hit of lemon is there. Overall, it is a classic for a reason: the flavor never changes. Each bite is similar to the last and there are no opposing tastes. If you prefer a simple dish, get the Lemon Curd. I would rate this yogurt a six out of ten.

In a moment of bravery and curiosity, I took on Passion Fruit. There is one word to describe this flavor: surprising. The color scheme was similar to the Lemon Curd, with a slightly darker shade of yellow. When you take a bite, you are hit with subtle moments of satisfying sweetness. The flavor worked incredibly well and it is the type of dish where you can never get bored with it. There was the original thought that it would be too strong or not strong enough, but Passion Fruit checked off all of the boxes. A solid nine out of ten. 

If you are ever in the mood for a healthy but delicious snack, Culture Clash presents various options for people of all kinds, whether you prefer salty items or are a sweet tooth at heart. To learn more information about Culture Clash, like the local products they carry or the nutrition information, visit their website here.