Holiday movies to watch once you’ve watched everything



Let it Snow is my favorite Christmas movie ever.

While everyone loves Elf, Home Alone, the Grinch and so many other Christmas classics, watching them only once a year is plenty enough. After you have watched all the classics, sure you could burn out on the holiday season by watching them all over again, or you could try something new. These are the best Christmas movies to watch after you’ve watched everything.

  • Let it Snow-Netflix
    • Let it Snow is the type of movie that covers multiple stories from characters who are somehow all connected (think Love Actually). Some of the stories are romantic, while others are just about friendship. This movie has moments that’ll make you go *heart eyes* and others that’ll have you laughing out loud. There’s also strong representation in this movie, including a sapphic couple. Let it Snow is a wonderful teen rom-com fit for watching with friends and family (as long as the rest of your family is older, this is rated PG-13). P.S. If you weren’t already convinced this movie is great, it’s narrated by the legendary Joan Cusak.
  • The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show- Prime Video
    • If you’re not listening to Kacey Musgraves at this point, you’re wrong. Just when Kacey’s 2016 album, “A Very Kacey Christmas” couldn’t get any better, the Grammy winner released a Christmas Special. Joined by celebrities like Dan Levy, Troye Sivan, Kendall Jenner, and more Musgraves sings the classics and some of her original Christmas songs like, “Glittery” and “Christmas Makes Me Cry”. The amazing music is also paired with beautiful sets and costume design for a wonderful Christmas experience. The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show is ideal for playing in the background of holiday activities or just sitting down and watching.
  • Klaus-Netflix
    • Klaus is an unassuming kids movie that you probably saw on Netflix but skipped over. Don’t skip it over! Klaus tells the story of where Santa Claus came from without ever saying it. The movie is cute, kind of quiet and very wholesome. The best part is that somehow the movie captures the spirit of Christmas without being preachy. Warning! This movie may make you cry, but it’s the good kind of crying.
  • Dash and Lily-Netflix
    • This is technically a series, not a movie, but if you’re committed, it can be finished in one sitting. If you’re not into binging, you can watch at your own pace and space out the Christmas cheer. The story follows Lily, a Christmas fanatic and Dash, a boy who’s so over the Christmas season. The pair shares dares with each other through a red notebook that is left all over New York city. They grow close and push each other outside of their comfort zones without ever meeting. This show has the cute undertones of a Hallmark movie but with enhanced character development and an interesting plot. This is a great series to get into with your family or to watch all by yourself (sometimes that is the superior option after all).
  • Holidate-Netflix
    • While this movie’s plot seems very “Hallmark-y,” this is not your typical cheesy Christmas rom-com. Emma Roberts’ character, Sloane is the last single person left in her family and is tired of being targeted during the holidays. She ends up finding a “holidate”, which means a no-commitment relationship just for the holidays. The movie follows her various dates throughout the year with Jackson. I wonder what could go wrong? This is by no means a good movie, but it was fun to watch and definitely had some laugh out loud moments. This movie is rated MA for language and inappropriate humor so skip out on watching it with younger siblings (and probably your parents unless you’ve mastered the surprised face at every swear word and covering your eyes when anything intimate happens).