New male members join Moveo

Isaiah Villegas dances and showcases various different skills that he possesses.

Dancers J.T. Church and Isaiah Villegas got recruited onto the Moveo Dance Company after qualifying at the 2020-2021 auditions. Since the creation of Moveo, MDC has had only one other male dancer; so the addition of these two new members sparked great excitement for those involved with the dance department. In the female dominated sport, it will be interesting to see how the dynamics change during performances.

Fara Sadler, dance teacher, openly shared that “having two incredibly talented male dancers audition and make the company this year is not only refreshing, but I believe it shows a positive leap in societal terms.” It is not common to come across many male dancers in high school so this change is seen to be not only remarkable but inspiring across the male population.

Having new male dancers joining MDC also has positively changed the dynamic in the group in the ways of social relationships and skill level. Taryn Bee, president of Moveo Dance Company, states, “If anything they are making our team even closer and both our boys have such fun and welcoming personalities! They fit right in and bring so much talent!”

The team is having no issues acclimating their newest members. In fact, Villegas displayed great enthusiasm for the comradery that was established rather quickly within the Moveo Dance Company. Villegas claims, “Being one of the two new males on the company is super cool and kinda surreal. Even though we’re the only boys on the team there hasn’t been any seclusion or distance, the team is very welcoming and amazing. Furthermore, it’s great to represent and it’s awesome to have another guy with me.”

In the process of trying to contact Church, he was traveling in Canada working on a job opportunity regarding his dance career. Unfortunately, he was not able to share his thoughts and opinions about his recruitment into the company.

Students can catch a glimpse of Villegas’s and Church’s talent along with the rest of Moveo as time moves closer towards their fall concert titled, Road Trip USA.