Marvel’s Avengers video game review



The Avengers, Captain America, Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Ms. Marvel, all stand on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The recent release of Marvel’s Avengers has captured the attention of the internet and the world. This adventure style game may be trending, but is it worth your time and money?

Marvel’s Avengers is available on Playstation, Xbox and PC. It’s an action adventure video game that follows the story of Kamala Khan.

The story begins with Kamala Khan arriving at San Francisco to meet the Avengers on A-Day, an honorary day for the heroes. At the time, Kamala was a young child who was obsessed with heroes and the work that they do.

After playing through the A-Day festival, attacks on the Golden Gate Bridge take place and distract the Avengers from an upcoming threat. As most of the Avengers are taking care of terrorists, a helicarrier using an experimental fuel, terrigen, takes off and starts to “wake” something up from the San Francisco bay.

Captain America rushes to the scene and attempts to shut the helicarrier reactor down and stop whatever is in the bay. After playing as Captain America, you are forced to watch as the helicarrier explodes in the middle of the San Francisco bay.

After the tragedy, the terrigen fuel was spread across the city and Captain America was presumed to be killed in action.

The story then cuts to five years later after the outbreak of the terrigen disease and the Avengers disband. The terrigen disease had infected thousands of people from San Francisco which had turned them into super humans. Each person infected had different powers and were called dangerous.

After the Avengers were disbanded, Advanced Idea Mechanics, or AIM, had taken control over Stark Industries and Avengers Tower. AIM is led by George Tarrelton who worked on the terrigen project and was nearly killed on the helicarrier on A-Day.

AIM claimed that their purpose was to find a cure for the terrigen disease and help the “inhumans” who were affected by A-Day. 

The story picks up with Kamala Khan who is now “inhuman” and has a feeling that AIM is not helping the inhumans, but instead harming and mistreating them. Kamala’s life changed suddenly after AIM captured her and attempted to “fix” her.

Kamala escapes and you follow the story of Kamala uniting the Avengers together again to find irrefutable proof that AIM is the bad guy. 

Overall, this game is fairly entertaining and is a great way to spend your quarantine life. The storyline is just like another Marvel movie and is a great substitute while waiting for an actual movie to come out in theaters.

One aspect of the game that may have seemed repetitive were the fight scenes. It felt like you were fighting the same three enemies, and not to mention the bosses were a bit boring to fight. Nonetheless, the fight scenes were still fun to play.

I would recommend this game to anyone who was thinking about purchasing the game. If you are into action adventure games, Marvel’s Avengers is a great game to play through.