Top 10 cult classics


Laney Wardell

“If you haven’t seen the Princess Bride what are you waiting for?”

During quarantine all we can really do is wait for it to be over. Thankfully we have cult classics to give us a good laugh. Cult classics are fantastic movies to watch while bored. Here are the top ten cult classics to watch.

10: Raising Arizona

Raising Arizona is a great cult classic. It has an exceptional cast. The storyline features a ton of character growth and the importance of family. The movie does however have a very slow start. Raising Arizona is very funny while still demonstrating serious topics. It is definitely worth watching.

9: Heathers

Heathers is a fantastic cult classic to watch. It has an amazing cast. The plot provides an interesting portrayal of how the only person you can trust is yourself. The movie however is fairly slow. Heathers should not be watched with small siblings. It is a captivating cult classic to watch.

8: Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China is an amazing movie. The cast all did a really fantastic job. Kurt Russel, especially, did a fabulous job. The movie has great special effects. It does however have a slow start. The movie is action packed, but the fight scenes do drag on a little. Big Trouble in Little China is a hilarious cult classic you have to watch.

7: Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused is an incredibly funny cult classic. The movie provides an interesting insight on the struggles of high school in a comedic way. Overall, the movie has a great cast that worked amazing together. The movie is however pretty slow. It has a great plot. Dazed and Confused is for sure a cult classic to watch.

6: The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers is an absolutely terrific cult classic. It has a fantastic cast. The movie also has an amazing soundtrack. However, the movie does have a slow start. It has a very sweet storyline and a hilarious script. The movie is full of fantastic music numbers. Overall The Blues Brothers is an amazing cult classic.

5: O Brother, Where Art Thou

O Brother, Where Art Thou is a cult classic based off of Homer’s Odyssey. The movie provides a hilarious portrayal of the classic poem. It has a truly remarkable cast. The script is absolutely hilarious and fantastic. O Brother, Where Art Thou is one of the funniest cult classics ever. You should definitely watch O Brother, Where Art Thou.

4: The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys is a great movie. The cast did an astounding job and really brought the movie to life. It is a classic 80’s horror movie. The story is absolutely tremendous. The Lost Boys has amazing characters and a great plot. It has a really amazing storyline. Overall The Lost Boys is a tremendous movie.

3: Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is the funniest movie ever. The cast is totally unbelievable. Napoleon Dynamite demonstrates the power of friendship and how you will do anything to protect your friends. The acting is absolutely astonishing. Even though it is a little slow, you have to watch Napoleon Dynamite.

2: Tremors

Tremors is a fabulous film. The movie has a perfect cast. Tremors is one of Kevin Bacon’s best movies for sure. It is a super interesting story. The movie has great special effects. It is absolutely hilarious. Tremors is a super fun cult classic. You should definitely watch the cult classic Tremors.

1: The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is one of the best films in history hands down. It has an absolutely phenomenal cast! The story is fantastic. The Princess Bride has amazing everything. From the special effects to the costumes everything is perfect. If you haven’t seen the Princess Bride what are you waiting for?