Top 5 saddest movies to watch during quarantine


Laney Wardell

“Dead Poets Society is a beautiful story that everyone needs to watch.”

Quarantine is an absolutely horrible thing. We have been separated from our friends and stuck with our families. Luckily, movies are always with us. A great way to cope during these sad times is by watching heartbreaking movies. So here are the five best sad movies to watch while stuck in quarantine. 

5: A Walk to Remember 

Warning, you will need tissues while watching this movie. A Walk to Remember is by far the most tragic teen love story. This movie is a mix of The Fault in our Stars and She’s all That. Even though this film is horribly sad it has an amazing cast that brings all the characters to life. It breaks all of the typical high school stereotypes. This film truly shows that there is more than meets the eye and we should all take that into consideration. 

4:  Backdraft

This 90’s drama is the perfect sad movie to watch with your siblings. Backdraft is a stunning film that demonstrates the toll of sibling rivalries. The movie has an astounding cast that did a fantastic job. It will also increase your appreciation for firefighters. Backdraft has great special effects throughout the movie. It also has amazing character development. This heartbreaking movie will show you how important it is to cherish your siblings. 

3: The Bridge to Terabithia 

The Bridge to Terabithia is the absolute best movie to watch with friends. The movie shows the impact a true friend can have on your life. Disney did an amazing job bringing this film to life.  The Bridge to Terabithia illustrates the importance of imagination as a child. It displays how you can rely on your friends and family during difficult times. The fantastic cast beautifully demonstrates how important it is to enjoy your youth. 

2: JoJo Rabbit 

JoJo Rabbit is one of the most interesting renditions of the Holocaust ever. In this war comedy, they expose brutal truths in a comedic way. The cast does an absolutely amazing job. The movie reveals how love comes in unexpected places. It shows the true value of trust. JoJo Rabbit is a truly stunning story. However, it is a heartbreaking tale. It exhibits the importance of trusting your friends as well as your family. 

1: Dead Poets Society 

Dead Poets Society is one of the greatest movies of all time. It is by far one of Robin Williams best movies. The cast was absolutely phenomenal. It exemplifies how important it is to have a group of friends that help you grow. Dead Poets Society also demonstrates the value of having a great teacher. The plot is fantastic but the ending is completely heartbreaking. The movie reveals the gravity of speaking your mind and being true to yourself. Dead Poets Society is a beautiful story that everyone needs to watch.