Oui Cater AZ restaurant pops up and delights taste buds

A unique and delicious dining experience has come to town. On Sundays when the popular pizza restaurant Fire & Brimstone is closed, the Oui Cater AZ pop up restaurant brings it delicious meals and treats. The restaurant’s cozy, community-centric atmosphere, and fantastic food are sure to delight every taste bud. 

Every week the chefs Holly Warner and Kaylie Sutterfield take over the kitchen at Fire & Brimstone (part of Agritopia’s Barnone). Starting around three p.m., Warner and Sutterfield begin preparing “sharables”, entrees, and desserts made with produce grown literally yards away. The chefs believe it is important to use ingredients from Agritopia and other local businesses.  

“The fresher you can have it, the better the food. Being a local business, I love to support other local businesses and I believe they have superior product,” Chef Warner explains.

One of the best parts of this restaurant is that the menu is ever-changing. The menu is inspired by seasonal products and whatever is available in the Farm at Agritopia. I enjoy the changing menu, because I can try new dishes and be confident that it will be delicious. 

The restaurant typically offers an appetizer, 3-4 entrees, and a dessert. The best way to describe the food is “a home cooked meal… but if your mom was an amazing professional chef”. Some of my favorite entrees have been creamy green chili enchiladas, braised beef with sweet potato hash, and tomato soup with sourdough grilled cheese. 

Trust me, you want to save room for dessert. From cute and decadent cactus cupcakes to delicious cheesecake mousse, dessert is not only beautiful, but delicious.

Holly Warner has worked as a private chef, studied Mediterranean cuisine in Tuscany, and instructed cooking classes at Sur La Table. Before moving to the East Valley, Warner owned a catering and pop up business in Dallas. “When I moved to The Phoenix area I met my now business partner [Kaylie] and realized she also had a background in the culinary world.  Flash forward, 2 years later and we have a fully schedule completing in home cooking classes, catered parties 100+ orchard dinners and a pop up restaurant” Warner explains.

I enjoy bringing friends and family to the pop up for special occasions, or simply to try something new. The restaurant is open every Sunday at 5 p.m. and takes place in the Fire & Brimstone/12 West Brewing sector of Barnone. The menu is posted on their Facebook page @ouicateraz Sunday afternoon.