Arizona movie theater reviews: where to watch classic movies in Arizona


Laney Wardell

A front view of Arizona's Tempe Pollack discount theater.

Arizona is full of movie theaters from discount theaters to High end Scottsdale theaters. When deciding which theater to go to there a few things you need to consider such as: price, cleanliness, popcorn, food, seats, employees, and overall experience. I have attended some of Arizona’s most well known theaters and rated them on a scale out of ten.


Price: 5

Cleanliness: 8

Popcorn: 8

Food: 6

Seats: 7

Employees: 5

Experience: 8 

Harkins is your everyday average run of the mill movie theater. It has good popcorn decent snacks and all for a pretty good price. The employees are fairly helpful and pleasant. Overall Harkins is a great theater for high school students to enjoy a movie. 



Price: 5

Cleanliness: 7

Popcorn: 5

Food: 4

Seats: 5

Employees: 4

Experiece: 7

AMC is a pretty bland theater there is nothing special about it other then their red recliners. The food and popcorn are okay. AMC is also a  fairly clean theater. The employees are okay at best. It is also decently priced. AMC is a pretty decent theater for high school students to go to.


Tempe Pollack Cinemas

Price: 10 

Cleanliness: 9

Popcorn: 10 

Food: 10

Seats: 7

Employees: 10

Experience: 10 

 Tempe Pollack Cinemas is an amazing theater. It is a prefect old school style theater. They have the best popcorn in Arizona hands down. The employees are incredibly friendly and helpful.They have incredibly low prices and okay seats. The Tempe Pollack Cinemas is an excellent place for high school students to enjoy a new or classic film.


I Pic

Price: 2

Cleanliness: 10

Popcorn: 4

Food- 10 

Seats: 10 

Employees: 10

Experience: 10 

I Pic theater is an incredibly artsy and modern theater.They have okay popcorn but fantastic food. The seats are amazing and the theater is very clean. The employees are incredibly helpful and kind. However the theater is insanely expensive. I Pic is an incredible place to go however it might not be suited for high school students.

The Alamo

Price: 1

Cleanliness: 1

Popcorn: 1

Food: 1

Seats: 1

Employees: 1

Experience: 1

The Alamo theater is the worst thing to ever happen to Arizona. It is disgusting and looks like it has never been cleaned. There are tons of employees but they are all useless. The popcorn made me want to drop dead and the food is a disaster. The seats are uncomfortable and the tables are too large. Don’t bother going it is a waste of money and time.