Top 10 Worst Christmas Movies EVER!


10) I’ll be Home for Christmas: I’ll be Home for Christmas is a pointless movie. It will make you dread going home for the holidays. The characters make a life and death deal out of every mishap. It is definitely not the best Christmas movie out there. 

9) Jingle All the Way: Jingle All the Way is simply about a father who neglects his son but doesn’t realize it, until the holiday season. This movie is a horribly depressing movie. Who wants to watch a depressing movie during the holiday season. This movie is for sure one of the most tragic Christmas movies created.

8) Disney’s: The Santa Clause (trilogy): The Santa Clause trilogy should have stopped with the first movie. Even though the first movie was incredibly drawn out, the movie still had a cute ending. However, by the third movie they were making up plot lines scene by scene. The movies are a total bore and the trilogy definitely deserves a spot on the list.

7) The Polar Express: The Polar Express may be a classic Christmas movie but it is too long. The movie seems never ending. The animation is weird and so are the characters. It looks like the animators could not decide if they wanted to make it live action or just make it animated. It is a perfect Christmas movie to take a nap while watching. 

6) The Nutcracker and the Four Realms: The new Nutcracker movie was tremendously boring. It did not follow the original story line at all. It was very confusing and very dull. This was definitely one of the most boring Christmas movies yet. 

5) Dr. Suess The Grinch: The new Christmas movie is an abomination to the beloved classic. Benedict Cumberbatch was horrible as the Grinch. If you are trying to continue a classic at least use the original voices. The new plot line is dull and lacks life. This is definitely one of the worst Christmas movies ever.

4) Home Alone 3: If you do not have any of the original actors do not try to make a sequel. Not only did the “sequel” to the beloved classic not follow the story, it is just plain boring. The last movie in the trilogy is a complete disgrace to the Home Alone we all know and love. This is for sure one of the worst Christmas movies ever. 

3) A Nightmare Before Christmas: The Nightmare Before Christmas movie should not even be considered a Christmas movies. It is the complete opposite of the Christmas spirit. Why would people want to watch a movie about Christmas being destroyed. This is positively one of the most horrible “Christmas” movies ever.

2) Any Hallmark Christmas Movie ever: All Hallmark movies are equally terrible. They have the same plot in every single movie. Half of the movies made by Hallmark look the same because they are rotating through the ten same actors. Don’t watch any Hallmark movies during this holiday season they are by far the worst Holiday movies.

1) Elf: Elf is the worst Christmas to ever be created. Why did Will Ferrel agree to film this disgusting tragedy? It is over acted and full of stupid humor. It is definitely the worst Christmas movie to ever be created in history. 

Overall there are very few entertaining Christmas movies around. Most Christmas movies are either incredibly cheesy or horribly sad. The Holiday season is meant to make people happy. It is a time for people to enjoy the season. So why celebrate with these atrocious movies? Go watch a happy movie or at least a funny movie. But whatever you do don’t watch any of these movies.